How to activate your Debit Card for international usage

Debit Cards have, indeed, changed the way we transact today. It is impossible to leave behind the convenience and ease of transactions that Debit Cards provide. Debit Cards serve as virtual wallets that help us make payments without actually having to carry around physical cash. It becomes even more necessary to have such ease when you are travelling abroad. Worrying about currency exchanges and making payments should be the last thing on your mind. With your Debit Card, you can experience a hassle-free journey.

Your Debit Card not only gives you instant access to your account in India but also, you can easily make payments in local currencies and forget the worries of currency conversions in foreign countries.

  • Debit Cards and International Usage 
    Most banks and major financial institutions offer you the facility of using your Indian Debit Card in foreign countries as well. Depending on which bank you choose, your international usage of Debit Cards is subject to a nominal annual fee. You can choose one of the following options-
  • Activate international facilities on your existing Debit Card
  • Apply for specialised international Debit Cards.

You can link these cards with your existing bank account to ensure hassle-free transactions abroad. These cards can come in handy not only in foreign transactions but also when it comes to buying something from an international website, pay for an app, signing up for Netflix, etc.

  • How to activate usage of International Debit Card 
    Activating your Debit Card for international usage is a very easy process. All you need to do is inform your bank about certain specifics, i.e. the currency, daily usage limit, time period etc. Once you have informed your bank, subject to sufficient funds available in your account, your bank will activate international usage on your card.

Here are a few steps to enable international usage on your HDFC Bank Debit Card-

  • Log on to Net Banking with your credentials.
  • Click on Cards tab and go to Debit Cards menu
  • Click on Request
  • Select 'Set International / Domestic Usage'
  • Select the option 'Card to be enabled for International and Domestic Use'

If you wish to modify your daily international usage on Debit Card-

  • Log on to NetBanking
  • Click on Cards tab and go to Debit Cards menu
  • Click on Request
  • Select 'Modify International Limit'
  • Set your daily international limit

At HDFC Bank, we provide a chip-based international Debit Card to our account holders holding a Salary Account, Savings Account, Current Account, and Super Saver account with the bank; you have access to this card. You can activate international usage by logging into their net banking website or by calling customer care. The joining and annual fees for HDFC Bank international Debit Cards vary depending on your account, Debit Card type, etc.

Read more about the steps to follow to apply for a Debit Card.

Looking to apply for your own HDFC Bank Debit Card? New customers can get a new Debit Card through opening a new Savings Account while experiencing hassle-free banking with HDFC Bank. Existing HDFC Bank customers can get their Debit Card reissued within minutes here.

* Terms & conditions apply. Debit Card approvals are at sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd