Activate Offline Pay App For Customers And Merchants

Activate Offline Pay App For Customers And Merchants

18 May, 2023

OfflinePay is designed to act as a wallet feature on your device. You can carry out small retail transactions through it. You and the receiver can conduct the payment even when one or both of you are not connected to the internet. The Reserve Bank of India initiated the introduction of OfflinePay as an electronic payment system through a regulatory sandbox in 2019.

The maximum transaction amount is ₹ 200, and there is a cap of ₹ 2,000 on the maximum wallet top-up. OfflinePay will facilitate offline e-payments in remote places with limited or no internet connectivity.

How to use OfflinePay

As a part of the test phase activities, the onboarding and app activation process of OfflinePay has been finalised.

Customer - Here is how a customer can register and start using OfflinePay,

  • As a customer, you can register in the app through your phone. However, your mobile phone must be whitelisted by the bank before you register for the app,

  • The OfflinePay wallet is created in the app, which you can top-up through the payment gateway,

  • A maximum top-up of ₹ 2,000 can be done in one go. Upon successful top-up, the wallet balance is updated,

  • You can activate the security access to the app using fingerprint, PIN or pattern,

  • You must also set up a transaction PIN to carry out any offline transaction.

In the backend, you are onboarded by M2P. The bank will select a list of whitelisted customers and share customer details with M2P to get the customer onboarded to the M2P issuing platform. As this process goes underway, the app activation of the customer gets initiated.

HDFC Bank shares the customer details with the divergent agency/vendor, which carried out the app activation on the customer’s mobile,

  • The divergent agency connects with you and provides call-based training,

  • The training details are shared by M2P through the options - Register, Activate Wallet and Pay the Merchant. Such training material is document-based and video-based,

The bank then sends an SMS link to the customer’s mobile number once it is whitelisted,

  • Customers can use the link to download the HDFC Bank OfflinePay Wallet payment app and activate it.

  • As the customer, you must agree to the terms and conditions and generate the transaction PIN for regular use,

  • In the meantime, the app download information is auto-shared with M2P for further processing.

With this, your OfflinePay onboarding and app activation journey is complete.

Merchant - With OfflinePay, merchants can now receive payments from customers digitally, even if there is no internet connectivity. To use the OfflinePay as a merchant, you can start in the following manner,

  • Merchant onboarding will be done in bulk from the backend in the M2P acquiring platform,

  • The bulk onboarding file is uploaded by the ME-Operation team,

  • While onboarding on the M2P acquiring platform, the following information must be provided by the merchant - owner name, merchant name, email, mobile number, PAN, date of incorporation, business type, category and sub-category details, address, bank details, and business proof documents,

  • For the test phase, approximately 200 merchants will be selected by the ME Product team. They will share it with the BTG and ME-Operation team, who, in turn, will share it with M2P for onboarding the merchants,

  • M2P receives the merchant terminal ID from the ME-Operation team after you are onboarded. M2P then uploads the TID status report file on their merchant portal to complete the onboarding process.

The merchant app activation process is initiated when the merchant is onboarded into the M2P acquiring portal.

  • To activate the app on your device, HDFC Bank sends the merchant contact details to the divergent agency/vendor,

  • The divergent agency connects the Relationship Manager (RM) of the merchant and sends them to the merchant’s location,

  • The RM receives training material from M2P and imparts it to the merchant. Such material can be video or document-based,

  • The divergent agency provides the trained merchant’s details to M2P, while the RM requests the M2P to provide an SMS link to the merchant for downloading the app,

  • The RM informs you about the SMS link and provides necessary advice on the downloading process,

  • Once you download the app, the M2P automatically receives confirmation of the same.

You can now start receiving offline e-payments from customers using the OfflinePay app.

Once you carry out the onboarding and app activation, you can expect OfflinePay to be a simple and convenient option for merchant payment in your day-to-day life. It will be a useful alternative in situations where you face connectivity issues or remote locations.

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​​​​​​​*Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

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