Know How Offline Pay Wallet Works

Know How Offline Pay Wallet Works

31 May, 2023

The OfflinePay wallet is a landmark introduction in the on-device wallet segment. It allows offline payment between a customer and merchant in scenarios of limited or zero internet connectivity. All the processes and sub-processes relating to the transactional aspects of the wallet have been finalised. If you plan to use the OfflinePay wallet in the days to come, here’s what you need to know about making and receiving offline payments.

Making and receiving offline payments

If you are looking to pay or receive offline payments, one can assume that you have undergone the onboarding, downloaded the app and registered yourself in it. And if you are the payer, you must have topped up your offline wallet as well. Here’s what you need to do next.

  • The payer has to tap on the Scan and Pay option to make an offline payment,

  • The merchant, i.e., the receiver, will scan the user's QR code and tap on the Accept Payment request sent by the payer,

  • The payer confirms the merchant details and amount to be transferred,

  • The payer then enters the transaction PIN and authorises the payment,

  • The payer’s wallet gets debited by the amount paid,

  • The payer’s wallet generates the successful payment proof. This is known as the Success QR code,

  • The merchant scans the Success QR code with their device app to register the transaction. If required, the merchant can later raise a payout request from the issuing bank using this registered Success QR code,

  • Once either the payer or the receiver is online, the receiver receives the amount in their bank account after the settlement is processed.

Closure of the wallet

Merchants must also note that a wallet closure report is made available to them. At every EOD, M2P sends the wallet closure details as a part of their virtual wallet support activities. The details contain the merchant's mobile number as the unique field, along with the wallet balance. The refund to be done upon wallet closure is made to the bank account linked with the mobile number. The refund takes place in T+1 working days.

How to raise a query/issue on the app

HDFC Bank is setting up a technical issue resolution mechanism for the OfflinePay wallet. This will help customers and merchants in raising a query or issue regarding the wallet.

This includes issues related to,

Login, transactions, payments, QR scanning and QR loading issues, dispute not getting raised, a statement not loading, wallet account not getting closed, money deducted from the bank but not added to the wallet, money not credited to the customer bank account after wallet closure, payment not getting accepted, and settlement amount not reflecting in the merchant bank account.

How to raise a query

  • To raise an OfflinePay query, the customer must go to “Profile”. It is at the upper right corner of the wallet screen,

  • In the profile, you have to choose "Help & Support",

  • In this section, look for an email address at the bottom of the screen. It is,

  • You need to tap on the email id. It will redirect you to the email page,

  • Here, you need to write a mail regarding your query to the bank,

  • Bank forwards your mail to M2P's email id i.e.,,

  • M2P will provide its solution to the customer query via the same mail.

How to raise a dispute

  • To raise a dispute, the customer needs to go to the particular transaction in the "Recent Transactions" section,

  • In the payment details section, you will get the option called "Raise Dispute". It will be visible at the bottom of the screen,

  • It will contain a comment box where you can write your query or issue.

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