Gas Cylinder Price in Chennai

Gas Cylinder Price in Chennai

10 January, 2024

Among the various utilities you need every month as a resident of Chennai, your LPG gas cylinder is crucial. Today, you can book your LPG cylinders offline and online. Before booking your cylinder, if your wish to know LPG price in Chennai you can check it online through different mediums, including PayZapp. You can also book your gas cylinders on this digital payments platform. Here’s all you need to know about LPG gas cylinder price in Chennai.

LPG Prices in Chennai

The LPG gas price in Chennai across various distributors like Indane Gas, HP Gas, and Bharat Gas is regulated by the Government of India. The Government, based on various macro and microeconomic factors, determines the LPG price in Chennai and other Indian cities each month. Hence, the price of LPG cooking gas is subject to periodic fluctuation and cannot be stated as a fixed amount. The latest LPG cylinder price in Chennai are as under:

Cylinder Type

LPG Price in Chennai

Domestic 5 Kg gas cylinder price today in Chennai


Domestic 14 kg gas cylinder price today in Chennai


Commercial 19 kg gas cylinder price today in Chennai


Commercial cylinder 47.5 Kg gas cylinder price today in Chennai


The above-mentioned prices are subject to variation based on the subsidised and non-subsidised pricing (under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana). Hence, the only way to get an accurate estimate of the LPG gas cylinder price in Chennai is by checking the price online. You can visit your distributor’s website or log into the official app to get your gas bill details. Alternatively, you can view the price while booking gas cylinders through digital payment apps like PayZapp.

How to Book Gas Cylinders Online through PayZapp

Following is the process to book your gas cylinder in Chennai via PayZapp:

  1. Open PayZapp on your phone and click on ‘Bills and Recharges’ on the homepage.

  2. Under ‘Bills and Recharges’ select ‘Gas Cylinder’. You will be able to see the various LPG Gas vendors.

  3. Select your vendor and enter your mobile number or customer ID. PayZapp will load your account details momentarily and pull up the payable amount.

  4. Proceed to make the payment by choosing your preferred payment option.

  5. Once you complete the booking, you will receive an SMS alert stating that your booking order is processed.

Your gas vendor shall deliver the cylinder at your doorstep within a few days.

Click here for gas bill payment through PayZapp on your IOS phone.

Click here to pay gas bill through PayZapp on your Android phone.

Factors Influencing the LPG Price in Chennai

The LPG price in Chennai and other locations across India is determined based on the following factors:

  • Global demand and supply

The demand for LPG gas is typically high but the supply of LPG gas is not always at par. If there is a shortage of LPG worldwide as opposed to excess demand, LPG prices tend to rise. Conversely, if there is an oversupply, then LPG prices may drop.

  • Crude oil prices

LPG gas is produced from crude oil, so when the global price of crude oil rises, it leads to increased LPG cylinder price in Chennai and other cities. Also, the Import Parity Price (IPP) which is based on Saudi Aramco’s (the current global leader in the production of crude oil) prices also impacts oil prices.

  • Exchange rates

The value of the Indian rupee against other currencies can affect LPG prices in Chennai. If the rupee is weaker than the Dollar, for example, it can make LPG imports more expensive. Such added foreign exchange markup ultimately impacts the price you incur as a consumer of the LPG gas cylinder.

  • Government policies

The Indian government is the sole entity responsible for determining gas prices. The prices are determined based on various socio-economic, geopolitical and market-related factors. The policies determined by the government thus have a direct impact on the prices of LPG and other fuels.

  • Tax and other charges

The State and Central Government levy Goods & Service Tax (GST) on LPG gas prices. Such taxation adds to the base price of your LPG cylinder. Additionally, transportation, bottling charges, dealer commission, marketing cost, margins charged by Oil Marketing Company (OMC), etc., add to LPG prices in Chennai.

Ways to Reduce Your LPG Cylinder Expenses

If you want to save on the high LPG gas cylinder price in Chennai, consider these tips:

  • Cook efficiently on low flame.

  • Prioritise the maintenance of your gas stove and burners.

  • Use utensils that promote even distribution of heat for saving gas.

  • Try cooking in batches to avoid frequent gas consumption.

Use PayZapp for convenient Gas Cylinder Bookings

As a one-stop digital shop for all your utility payments, PayZapp makes life easy for you. You do not need to visit your gas dealer to find out LPG prices in Chennai or to book your cylinders. With just a few taps on PayZapp, you can check the prices, book your cylinders and make instant payments.

*Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

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