All about FASTag for Vehicles

All about FASTag for Vehicles

1 February, 2024


  • Vehicle owners can easily acquire a FASTag from any NETC Member Bank, such as HDFC Bank, either online or offline.

  • Vehicle owners can recharge their FASTag accounts using various digital platforms like banking portals, mobile banking, NetBanking, and UPI-enabled apps such as PayZapp.

  • Users receive instant notifications on toll transactions for easy tracking and management of expenses.

The National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) programme, developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), has introduced the Vehicle FASTag, a transformative solution for electronic tolling in India. Vehicle FASTag utilises Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. This method has revolutionised the way toll payments are processed, making it a quintessential tool for modern road travel.

The primary goal of the Vehicle FASTag system is to establish an interoperable, secure framework for toll payments across India. It aims to enhance efficiency, reduce congestion at toll booths, and promote cashless transactions. By diminishing the need for vehicles to stop for toll payments, it significantly cuts down on fuel consumption and emissions, contributing to environmental conservation.

One of the most compelling advantages of the Vehicle FASTag system is its convenience. It offers seamless and quick transactions, negating the need for cash payments. Users receive instant notifications of their toll payments, making it easier to manage and track expenses. Moreover, the system is backed by multiple recharge options, including online platforms and UPI-enabled apps, enhancing the ease of maintaining sufficient balances.

How to Acquire and Manage FASTag for Vehicles

Obtaining a vehicle FASTag is straightforward. It can be purchased from any NETC Member Bank and linked to an existing bank account or a newly opened prepaid account. Managing FASTag on vehicles involves regular online recharges, which can be done through various banking portals or apps. It is essential to maintain an adequate balance; otherwise, the FASTag may get blacklisted at toll plazas, necessitating cash payments.

The Mandatory Nature of FASTag for Vehicles

Recognising its efficiency, the Government of India has mandated the use of FASTag for vehicles on all national highways. This decision underscores the government's commitment to modernising the country's roadways and enhancing the overall travel experience.

The Benefits of Vehicle FASTag

  • Time and fuel savings: The system reduces queue times at toll booths, saving both time and fuel.

  • Instant notifications: Users receive real-time updates on toll payments.

  • Cashless convenience: It eliminates the need for cash, offering a hassle-free travel experience.

  • Doorstep delivery: Banks like HDFC Bank offer the convenience of online FASTag vehicle applications, with the tag delivered directly to your doorstep.

  • Extended validity: FASTag for vehicles comes with a validity of five years, ensuring long-term usability.

Acquiring HDFC Bank FASTag

HDFC Bank has simplified the process of acquiring a Vehicle FASTag. You can apply for a FASTag either online or offline. The online application process is paperless and straightforward. After visiting the HDFC Bank FASTag Portal, you must provide necessary details like your mobile number, PAN, and vehicle registration information. The tag is then delivered to your doorstep. Offline, FASTag can be obtained at any HDFC Bank branch with the necessary documentation.

Linking and Recharging FASTag with HDFC Bank

Once obtained, you can link your FASTag to your HDFC Bank account, enabling automatic toll deductions from your account or prepaid wallet. The bank offers various convenient methods for recharging FASTag, including its portal, Mobile Banking, NetBanking, and other UPI-enabled apps like PayZapp. This flexibility ensures that customers can maintain a sufficient balance in their FASTag vehicle accounts, thereby avoiding any disruptions during their journeys.

To link recharge your FASTag on PayZapp, follow these steps:

  1. Download and register for PayZapp with your mobile number.

  2. Go to ‘Bills & Recharges’ and select ‘FASTag’ under the ‘Recharge’ category.

  3. Select your FASTag provider.

  4. Enter your vehicle registration number or relevant identifier. PayZapp will automatically retrieve your FASTag details.

  5. Enter the recharge amount and proceed to make the payment.

  6. Check for available promo codes to earn cashback.

  7. Select your preferred payment mode, viz., Debit and Credit Card, UPI or PayZapp wallet.

Key Features of HDFC Bank FASTag

  • Instant toll payments: As vehicles pass through toll plazas, the RFID technology in the FASTag facilitates instant deduction of toll charges from the linked HDFC Bank account.

  • Real-time notifications: Customers receive immediate alerts on their registered mobile numbers for every transaction, aiding in better tracking and management of toll expenses.

  • Ease of recharge: The HDFC Bank FASTag in vehicles can be recharged easily through various digital channels, ensuring that customers never run out of balance.

  • Wide acceptance: The interoperability of HDFC Bank's FASTag means it is accepted at all toll plazas under the NETC program across India.

  • Customer support: HDFC Bank provides robust customer support for FASTag vehicle users, including a helpline for toll plaza-level complaints and dedicated email support for grievances and FASTag management.

Final Note

Vehicle FASTag represents a significant leap in India’s road transport sector, aligning with the digitalization goals of the country. Its widespread adoption is pivotal for not just easing toll collections but also for ushering in a new era of efficient and eco-friendly travel. The system’s interoperability, convenience, and user-friendly nature make FASTag for vehicles an indispensable tool for modern-day motorists.

*Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances. Any information or charges mentioned above are subject to change. Please connect with the HDFC Bank team to know the latest information.

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