FASTag for Taxi: Redefining Road Travel for Cabs

FASTag for Taxi: Redefining Road Travel for Cabs

5 February, 2024


  • FASTag streamlines toll payments, allowing taxis to pass through toll plazas without stopping, thus reducing delays, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • The process to acquire and manage FASTag is straightforward, involving online registration, KYC documentation, and easy online recharges with varying limits for MIN and Full KYC customers.

  • This system not only saves time for taxi operators but also integrates taxi services into the future of smart transportation, expanding its reach in both urban and rural areas.

In the dynamic world of taxi services, efficiency and time management are key. The Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL) brings a transformative solution with FASTag for taxis, designed to streamline toll payments and enhance travel efficiency. This article explores how FASTag is changing the game for taxi drivers, making road travel smoother and more time-efficient.

The Necessity of FASTag for Taxi services

Implementing FASTag recharge for taxis is not just a technological upgrade; it is a strategic move towards smarter, quicker, and more efficient road travel. Taxi drivers, who are often on tight schedules, can significantly benefit from this system. With FASTag, taxis can smoothly pass through toll plazas without stopping, reducing delays, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Steps to Buy FASTag for Taxis

The process of buying FASTag for taxis is simple and user-friendly. Taxi operators can visit any HDFC Bank branch or go online to purchase FASTag. The tag, linked to the taxi's vehicle registration number, is then affixed to the windshield, enabling automatic toll payments at FASTag lanes across the country. Here is how you can buy FASTag for taxi from HDFC Bank:

  1. FASTag account acquisition: FASTag is available at POS locations, HDFC Bank branches, or via online registration.

  2. Registration requirements: Provide KYC documents, vehicle registration certificate, passport-size photograph, PAN Card (mandatory), and address and ID proof (valid license acceptable).

  3. Wallet options: Choose between a Full KYC wallet (all documents required) or min KYC wallet (PAN Card only).

  4. Account activation: Register on the customer portal, and create a user ID and password. Separate portals are available for retail and corporate users.

  5. Login credentials: Use customer ID (Cust ID) from the Welcome Mailer or identifiers like RFID number, Wallet ID, Vehicle ID, or phone number.

  6. Verification process: Enter mobile number, generate, and use OTP for verification, then set a password.

  7. Portal usage: Manage account details, service requests, payments, top-ups, and access reports and statements.

  8. Recharge limits: MIN KYC Customers have a monthly limit of ₹10,000; Full KYC Customers can maintain up to ₹1,00,000.

  9. Recharge Methods: Use HDFC Bank Credit/Debit Card, NetBanking, or other banks' Credit/Debit Card and NetBanking services.

Benefits of using FASTag for Taxi Services

The introduction of FASTag for taxi services offers multiple benefits.

  • The most obvious is the time saved at toll plazas.

  • This efficiency translates to quicker rides, potentially increasing the number of trips and earnings for taxi drivers.

  • Additionally, the ease of passage in FASTag lanes enhances the overall customer experience, contributing to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Leveraging FASTag for Fleet Management

For taxi fleets, FASTag offers an effective tool for managing operations. Fleet operators can monitor toll expenses for each vehicle, which helps in better budgeting and operational planning. This system is particularly beneficial for large taxi companies, where managing multiple vehicles and their expenses can be challenging.

Expanding the Reach of FASTag in Urban and Rural Areas

The impact of FASTag for taxis extends beyond urban centres to rural areas, where taxis often drive through multiple toll plazas to connect remote regions to bigger cities. This expansion of FASTag enhances connectivity and accessibility, ensuring that even in the most distant areas, taxi services remain efficient and timely.

Buy FASTag now

FASTag for taxis, offered by HDFC Bank, is a significant step forward in enhancing the efficiency and profitability of taxi services. It simplifies toll payments, saves time, and contributes to better fleet management and customer satisfaction. As the demand for quick and efficient transportation grows, the adoption of FASTag by taxi services is not just beneficial; it is essential for staying competitive in the rapidly evolving world of transportation.

Link your FASTag to HDFC Bank’s PayZapp and make faster recharges. You can pay using your bank cards, UPI and PayZapp wallet. What’s more, you can stand to earn assured cashback with select transactions.

*Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances. Any information or charges mentioned above are subject to change. Please connect with the HDFC Bank team to know the latest information.

Link your FASTag to HDFC Bank’s PayZapp and make faster recharges. You can pay using your bank cards, UPI and PayZapp wallet. What’s more, you can stand to earn assured cashback with select transactions.

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