FASTag for Defence Personnel

FASTag for Defence Personnel

5 February, 2024


  • The implementation of FASTag for defence personnel streamlines road travel on national highways, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring hassle-free transit at toll plazas.

  • This system offers significant benefits such as time-saving, fuel efficiency, and cost reduction, contributing to environmental sustainability and better resource management.

  • By integrating modern technology into national security measures, FASTag for military vehicles exemplifies a model for tech-driven solutions in defence, improving readiness and response capabilities.

In recent years, the Indian government has significantly advanced its efforts to streamline road travel, particularly on national highways. A notable stride in this direction is the implementation of FASTag. This electronic toll collection system has been particularly impactful for defence personnel, ensuring smooth and hassle-free transit at toll plazas. The focus on FASTag for the armed forces is not just a matter of convenience but also a strategic move to enhance operational efficiency. Keeping this in mind, the armed forces are exempt from paying FASTag charges when using the vehicle for official use but are required to submit certain documents before the vehicle is made exempt.

Understanding FASTag and its Benefits for Defence Personnel

A FASTag is a radio-frequency identification (RFID) sticker fixed to the windshield of a vehicle, enabling direct toll payments from the linked account while the vehicle passes through toll plazas. However, certain entities are exempt from paying FASTag, including the Army Commander of Vice-Chief of Army Staff and equivalent in other services, the Central and State armed forces in uniform including Para military forces and Ministry of Defence personnel using vehicles for purposes exempt under the Indian Toll (Army and Air Force) Act, 1901. Requirements for obtaining a FASTag for defence exemption to secure an NHAI exemption FASTag for military for your vehicle, follow the required procedure and ensure you have the following documents:

  • A fully filled out and signed application form.

  • The vehicle's registration certificate.

  • Official identity proofs (such as PAN Card, Aadhaar Card).

  • Evidence of qualification for the FASTag for military exemption.

Steps for Applying for a FASTag for Defence Exemption Online

To apply for a toll tax exemption with a FASTag for defence, undertake these steps:

  1. Visit the IHMCL portal to initiate the FASTag for the defence personnnel exemption process.

  2. Select the "Exempted FASTag Portal" on the site.

  3. Click "Applicant Login" and then "New Registration".

  4. Complete the form with the required details and submit.

  5. Login with the received username and password and download the exemption form.

  6. Upload the completed form, select the exemption category, and choose the relevant NHAI regional office.

  7. Enter all necessary information on the portal and upload the required documents.

  8. Submit these documents.

  9. Await an email confirmation for the FASTag for defence exemption.

Checking Your FASTag for Armed Forces Exemption Application Status

To verify the status of your application:

  1. Go to the IHMCL website.

  2. Access the "Exempted FASTag Portal".

  3. Log in using your credentials.

  4. In your account, select the "Status" option.

  5. Input your application number and submit.

  6. The status of your FASTag for armed forces will be displayed.

Under NHAI's policy for FASTag for Defence Personnel

  • Exemptions follow Rule 11 of the NH fee (2008) and its amendments.

  • NHAI serves as the point for issuing FASTag for defence.

  • Issuance is free for authorised personnel.

  • NHAI and its entities are responsible for the exemption process and record-keeping.

  • NHAII, as authorised by NHAI, issues FASTag for defence in India.

  • Linking bank accounts for dignitaries is optional.

  • Monthly reporting of FASTag for defence exemptions to MoRTH by the 5th of every month.

  • Vehicles or individuals eligible for FASTag for military can show a valid ID for exemption if not tagged.

The Role of FASTag in Military movements

The inclusion of FASTag for military vehicles in this system is of paramount importance. In scenarios where quick response and mobility are required, the last thing the military forces need is to be stuck at toll plazas. FASTag ensures a smooth passage for these vehicles, facilitating rapid movement which can be critical in emergency situations.

Key Points to Remember

  • FASTag for defence personnel is valid for up to five years for government vehicles and one year for private vehicles.

  • It is mandatory for exempted vehicles to have the FASTag sticker for scanning at toll plazas.

  • There is no cost associated with obtaining an exempted FASTag as per the NH Fee Rule 2008.

Final Note

The implementation of FASTag for defence personnel is a significant step towards enhancing the operational efficiency of India's defence sector. By ensuring quick and uninterrupted transit for military and armed forces at toll plazas, it aids in maintaining the readiness and response capabilities of these vital components of national security. As such, the emphasis on FASTag for the military is not just about facilitating ease of travel but about upholding the nation's security and operational readiness.

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