Protect yourself from fraudulent Debit Card access



A Debit Card, also called plastic money is a card which is directly linked to your bank account. Sometimes, referred to as ATM cards they work similar to Credit Cards; which means, you can pay bills online or make purchases at various outlets using your Debit Card. Debit Cards eliminate the need to carry physical cash. However, even though Debit Cards offer you the ease and convenience of transactions, they are vulnerable to fraudulent activities. Your crucial financial information such as CVV, PIN Card, etc. can fall into the hands of wrong individuals, who can withdraw all your savings or use the money for wrong purposes.

How can someone use your Debit Card without the card?

Even without having physical access to your Debit Card, you are at risk of a variety of threats and frauds. Your transaction history and track records can be analysed to take all your private information.

How to protect yourself from fraudulent Debit Card access?

  • Spam Mails and messages, posing as the company or bank and other agencies can dupe you. They might ask for your bank account number, PIN number and other financial details and then, steal your information. In such a case, you must directly contact the bank and verify any such communication.
  • You should avoid handing over your Debit Card to employees. Handling your Debit Card on your own is wise. Also, never reveal your PIN Number to anyone.
  • It is also advisable to check your bank accounts on a daily basis and establish clear communication with your bank. This will help you understand the various transactions that have taken place from your account, and will also help you identify if there has been any unknown transaction that you might be unaware of.
  • Another way to make sure that you are protected from Debit Card frauds is to save all the receipts of your transactions. You can compare all the receipts with your bank account statement at the end of the month, to ensure all the transactions that have taken place from your account are genuine and authentic.
  • If you find that your card is stolen, you must immediately report it to the police and block the card. This will ensure that no further damage or charges are deducted from your account. Also, you can apply for a new Debit Card once you have blocked the previous one. Most banks issue a new Debit Card within 24-48 working hours.

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Using your Debit Card with care is not sufficient. You also need to be aware of the various scams while transacting, so that you can prevent yourself from such fraudulent activities.

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