Best international destinations to travel in light of the falling rupee

You’ve been planning your international trips way in advance. But then you realise, the falling rupee has suddenly made your dream destination trip into an expensive one.

So what do you do? Do you change your international travel plans wait until the rupee perks up a bit and your holiday becomes more reasonable? 


The world is full of spectacular international destinations where the rupee can travel farther than in places like Europe or America.

So here’s a list of places you can visit without burning a hole in your pocket -- and still have international travel ticked off your bucket list for this exciting new year.

Turkey: If Europe is expensive because of the falling rupee, a great alternative is Turkey. The Turkish lira has depreciated significantly in recent months, and the rupee will travel well. Istanbul is technically in Europe, so it has a distinctly European feel, with Turkish characteristics. In fact, it was named European Capital of Culture in 2010. There’s plenty to see and do in Istanbul itself. Don’t miss the magnificent Aya Sofia (Hagia Sofia), the Blue Mosque and Topkapi palace. If you venture further inland, there’s Cappadocia, with its lunar landscapes and rock-cut homes and Byzantine era churches. The best way of viewing them is by taking a hot air balloon ride.

Australia: The Australian dollar hasn’t risen against the Indian rupee as much as the US dollar or European currencies. Now may be a great time to consider a holiday down under. It’s a unique country with flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world -- kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and kookaburras abound here. The outbacks have a spectacular and savage kind of beauty with endless vistas of scorched earth and cobalt blue skies. Don’t miss the night skies for fabulous views of the Milky Way. Other favourite destinations include Sydney’s opera house, Uluru or Ayers Rock, Bondi beach and the Great Barrier Reef.

Sri Lanka: Our friendly neighbour to the south may just be what you need. Each rupee fetches 2.57 Sri Lankan rupees (as of November 2018), and you can get good value for money. There are lovely beaches in Bentota and Unwatuna, spectacular natural beauty, historical sites, national parks and Buddhist temples. Among the must-visit places are the Sigiriya rock fortress, the old Dutch fort at Galle and the sacred Adam’s peak with its breath-taking views of mist-covered hills and dense forests.

Indonesia: Another rupee-friendly destination is Indonesia, where 1 INR = 205.7 Indonesian rupiah. The country is home to stunning beaches, volcanoes and forests. The most popular destination for foreign visitors is the island of Bali. For many Indians, Bali is a sort of home away from home, where you can experience the familiar but uniquely different Hindu culture of the island. Indonesian food is affordable and tasty and you will be spoiled for choice. Another favourite destination in Indonesia are Komodo National Park, which is host to the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest reptile which can reach 3 metres in length.

Thailand: If you want to stay close to home, there’s always Thailand, only a short flight away. You can take in the culture, enjoy the local cuisine, chill out on its beaches, or party the night away. Don’t miss the Grand Palace in Bangkok, built in typical Thai style, and the Wat Pho temple with its enormous reclining Buddha, and of course the famous floating market of Damnoen Saduak. If you are a history buff, the ancient city of Ayutthaya is not to be missed. is where you want to be if you want a glimpse of Thailand’s favourite animal, the elephant, frolicking in the wild. Bangkok has an exciting night life, and a lot of the action happens on Khao San Road, where tourists and locals mingle and make merry on the street.

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Bon voyage!

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