Millennials - A range of cards that understands millennials

Who doesn’t go by the status quo? The millennials bro!
We see them changing the world they live in. Be it by cleaning beaches or respecting diversity. 
We respect them for chasing experiences rather than material possessions which means booking homestays with humble communities rather than in an opulent room of a five-star hotel.
They are ‘woke’ about what is going on around them and are not shy to take a stand. Millennials may come across as being idealistic. Yet one finds them being ahead of the curve.
An interesting statistics reveal that the Millennials are more well read and educated as compared to previous generation – on an average they read about 5 books per year v/s 4 books by the earlier generation and approximately 40% of millennials have a bachelors’ degree or higher as compared to 30% of GenX, when they were of the same age.
Millennials also believe in being prepared for the future. For instance, according to a BOA-Merrill Lynch report, 82% of millennials are contributing to their employer-sponsored retirement plan, which is way higher than preceding generations.
However, they seem to be ghosting their card providers.
Recent research has shown that almost half of millennials (people born between 1981 and 2000) have just one credit card, and less than half of them use their cards at least once a week. You would think the seniors (born before ’46) and the Gen Xers (born between ’65 and ’80) would use their credit cards even less – and you would be dead wrong! 61% of seniors use their credit cards at least once a week and 40% of them carry around three or more cards, as do 27% of Gen Xers.
But hey, HDFC Bank is fam after all and is stepping into this space with cards that capture what Millennials are looking for. 

HDFC Bank Millennia Debit Card            
Millennials love to do thing but not at the expense of disturbing their financial health. This Millennia Debit Card is for those very Millennials who believes in keep going even in tight budgets.

HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card
Remember that dope new phone that you wanted to get? Remember when your favourite band was touring your town? For those moments when you want to indulge a little – except to a hill station for an extended weekend with your bae, spend the whole weekend at the film festival, or simply set up a recurring payment for your Netflix account – the Millennia Credit Card has got your back. You don’t have to pay for it all right now, and along the way, you can collect some CashBack that you can use later.

HDFC Bank Millennia Prepaid Card 
Your kid brother has cracked the exams he was appearing for. Now he gets to throw shade at his friends. You want to set him up for a glorious celebration. Get him a Millennia Prepaid Card and let him decide how he would like to spend it all. Just load it up with enough dough for him to have a blast, without burning a hole in your pocket. You could use one yourself when travelling out – puts you on a budget as you can only spend what was loaded on the card.

HDFC Bank EasyEMI Card 
If you want to get a big-ticket item – say a dank new car – you would need to lay out a longer plan. You can’t anymore think in terms of what can I put together in a month or two – instead think of closer to a year. You could either work to save enough money to afford what you want. Or, get one on EasyEMI. It need not just be luxury shopping, you could also use the EasyEMI Card to finance your sister's education – for example. 
Millennials have largely stayed away from payment cards as they do not capture their personality. It all changes with the HDFC Bank Millennia Range of Cards.

The cards will be available from 22 August 2019 onwards and you should apply up for one!