Buy Now & Pay Later With SmartEMI For Your Festive Shopping

There is no doubt that the festive season is one of the most anticipated times in the year. This year, especially, it is bound to be welcomed with open arms, considering the subdued lifestyle that most people have been living for the last few months due to the pandemic. And this means that your annual shopping spree will be more exciting than before! With sales and discounts screaming from every corner, the urge to shop like there’s no tomorrow is irresistible. And remember that with every purchase you’ll make someone smile. Tyohaar ko bada banayein!

But as you spoil yourself and your loved ones with gifts, there are chances that you might overspend or exceed your monthly budget. So, what's the way out? With HDFC Bank Festive Treats, nothing will dampen your shopping spirit. While shopping with your HDFC Bank Credit Card, you can convert payments on a range of small to large purchases to SmartEMI. With the EMI shopping offered at HDFC Bank, you can make purchases to your heart’s content without worrying about paying the entire amount in one go. This means that you can pay your bills in easy instalments over several months and enjoy attractive interest rates from India's No.1 Bank*. So, go ahead and start drawing up your shopping list without worrying about monthly budgeting.

So, what can you buy via SmartEMI?


What are festivals without the delight of having new clothes and accessories to mark the occasions? Irrespective of age, everyone looks forward to dressing up to the nines during celebrations. As one of the integral elements to the festive season, even clothing brands launch special collections during this time of the year. Hence, new clothes for you and your family members are likely to be on top of your festive shopping list. The good news is that your new traditional attire will not result in unimaginable expenses this year. By selecting the  SmartEMI  option on your HDFC Bank Credit Card, you can eliminate large lump sum payments on your festive wear. From designer outfits to a revamp of your wardrobe, with the HDFC Bank EMI shopping, you will be able to buy apparel and pay via manageable instalments across a tenure. More importantly, you can get some of the lowest interest rates in the market and repayment tenures from six to 24 months.

To apply for SmartEMI on your HDFC Bank card, click here to get started.


Looking to buy the latest smartphone or laptop, or want to revamp your home with smart appliances this year? Now is the best time to shop for it all via e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart, which are offering impressive discounts. In addition to the discounts, you can make purchasing pricey gadgets even more affordable with by choosing to shop on EMI with HDFC Bank. And since you will be buying multiple items or gifts, make bill payments easy, flexible and convenient by converting them to EMIs with HDFC Bank SmartEMI. Apart from making your purchases more affordable, you can get the credit in your bank account within seconds and repay at your own pace. And as a pre-approved loan, there’s no need for any documentation.


Traditional delicacies are a huge part of festivals in India, with many people waiting for the festive season to gorge on their favourite treats. Whether it is to satiate your tastebuds or to distribute goodies to friends, relatives and neighbours, or even for your get-togethers and parties at home, you want to serve up an authentic and lavish festive meal. And that means a lot of groceries, which also means more expenses for the coming weeks. Nonetheless, instead of incurring a large grocery bill during the already busy festive month, simply whip out your HDFC Bank Credit Card and let SmartEMI take care of your bulk grocery purchases. With the HDFC Bank SmartEMI, you can enjoy loads of mithai and snacks without the worry of expenses taking away from the excitement.


Considering the situation that the world finds itself in today, any smart person knows that securing a good insurance policy for themselves and their family is a crucial financial practice right now. And if you are among the smart ones, you would know that having a comprehensive health insurance policy is the need of the hour. Of course, this unexpected and unaccounted for expense could have a serious impact on your finances, since you might have to pay out a high premium on top of other expenses during this season. Well, your HDFC Bank Credit Card comes to the rescue once again, allowing you to convert insurance payments into EMIs with convenient repayment options.

As always, HDFC Bank makes it a priority to brighten up the festive season for its customers with easy financing options such as SmartEMI. So, make the most of your HDFC Bank Credit Card and have a happy and safe festival ahead. All you need to do is apply online to get started.

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​​​​​​​*Terms and conditions apply. Credit Card, Debit Card and Loan approvals at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank limited. Credit Card, Debit Card and Loan approvals is subject to documentation and verification as per Banks requirement. Interest rates are subject to change. Please check with your RM or closest bank branch for current interest rates.