Business Credit Cards - One Stop Solution to Efficient Business Transactions

Self-employed individuals and small business owners are the backbones of the Indian economy. But unlike big businesses and corporations, small companies do not have enough funds to incorporate automation and financial technology in their operations. As a result, they lose out on many opportunities. 

Besides, there can be many hurdles along the way for small businesses and self-employed individuals to get adequate funding from investors and lenders. Business loans may ask for collateral and can be hard to get without a favourable credit history. This is where Business Credit Card swoop in and offer small scale businesses and self-employed individuals financial liquidity and easy solutions to most of their monetary problems. 

HDFC Bank Business Credit Card features and benefits:

  1. Centralising all business transactions: A Business Credit Card allows small businesses to centralise all their transactions by helping owners monitor all types of payments. And centralising and keeping a tab on transactions lets business owners be more vigilant and better control and clarify their financial standing. 

  1. Safety net: Automation and financial digitalization with a Business Credit Card ensure increased security for the company. There is no room for human error or fraud. Moreover, the business owner can track their employees’ transactions, see who is spending the money, where the money is spent, and access the cash outflow. This helps maintain complete transparency. 
  2. Maximise savings on controllable business spends: Credit Card rewards, CashBack points, etc., can help companies and individuals save a lot of money. Rewards on travel, special access to airport lounges, discounts on hotel bookings, etc., can result in significant savings for the business. Credit Cards also facilitate savings on essential expenses like rent, electricity, etc., 
  3. Minimise risks: Business Credit Card statements can help track expenses and eliminate the scope for fraud or forgery. This further ensures better money management. 
  4. Effective stock management: Automated payments via Credit Card to suppliers and vendors can help smoothen out the process of stock management. The hassles of using paper cheques are removed, and the transactions are convenient and quick for the payer and the receiver. Credit Cards also offer software subscriptions for inventory management with attractive discounts. 
  5. Better money management for self-employed individuals: While most self-employed individuals prefer using a personal Credit Card, a Business Credit Card can offer them many more advantages. Using a Business Credit Card helps separate personal expenses from professional ones. It also helps with additional processes, such as record keeping, filing taxes, and claiming business-related tax breaks. Plus, with a favourable credit history in place, it becomes easier to avail of business loans in case of a requirement for more funds.

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What can business owners and self-employed individuals get from HDFC Bank Business Credit Cards?

HDFC Bank Business Credit Cards offer many benefits to different types of small businesses like supermarket or grocery store owners, apparel, electronic and other retail store owners, restaurants and food business owners, general store owners, chemists and pharmacists, etc. Some of these benefits include:

  • 50 days of free credit to ensure cash flow
  • Pre-approved loans and no-cost EMIs for upgrading the store’s infrastructure 
  • Up to 5% savings on essential expenses like Electricity, telecom and internet bills, govt & tax payments, software subscriptions etc.
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver 
  • Savings on the HDFC Bank POS machine rent 
  • Up to 20% savings a year by consolidating business and personal spends

And much more. 

To sum it up

A Business Credit Card can be a one-stop solution to all business transactions. It is practical, easy to use, and offers complete transparency and safety by streamlining all expenses. It can also simplify complex financial processes and warrant better money management for all types of businesses. 

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*Terms and conditions apply. Credit Card approvals at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank limited. Credit Card approvals is subject to documentation and verification as per Banks requirement.