Best ways to spend a rainy weekend

The best-made plans go for a toss when it begins to rain. When you see the clouds gathering in the sky on a Friday night, you fear that your weekend plans will be ruined. Worry not! There's a whole lot of things you can do to make a showery weekend fun and exciting.

Here are some interesting ways to get started:

Chai pe charcha

  • Drive with your friends to the nearest tapri for a hot cuppa and roadside chaat. It’s a unique experience sitting in the shed with the rain pelting down, holding a steaming cup of tea and discussing the latest Salman Khan movie. After warming yourself, head to the nearest theatre to catch the movie.

Romantic drive

  • Monsoon lets you witness beauty in its true form. Roll down your windows and set off on a long drive with your significant other. There is nothing more rejuvenating than the cool monsoon breeze brush past your face as you drive along the winding lanes listening to your favourite song. If you wish to spend some more time in the wilderness, check SmartBuy by HDFC Bank for the latest deals and offers on hotels along your route.


  • As the constant rain washes trees and rooftops clean, the city takes on a new, fresh look. Kids run out on the streets and frolic, youngsters gather for a game of football, and elders cautiously step out with their walking sticks to sit around and gossip. Pull out your camera and capture the scenic view as you drive through the rain.

City tour

  • With all the hustle and bustle that characterises our daily life, we rarely have time to visit all the tourist places in the city. What better way to spend a rainy weekend than taking a city tour and viewing all the monuments and other sights that look sparkling clean?

Book club

  • Catch up on all the books you wanted to read but never could. Call your friends over for company and read with a hot cup of tea or coffee by your side.

Seaside walk

  • If you live in a city like Mumbai which is close to the sea, head to the coastline and take a long walk. Sample the bhutta (corn on the cob roasted over a coal fire) and tapriwali chai (uniquely flavoured tea sold by roadside vendors).

Get comfortable at home

  • If you are not in the mood to step out, pull out the rugs, set up the percolator, let the kids off the hook and call for all the food that makes your mouth water. Have a feast, in fact, with major discounts and cashbacks via PayZapp on food delivery from your favourite restaurants. Then cuddle up in front of the not-so-idiot box and spend a lazy day at home with your family watching a re-run of your favourite movie or soap.

    So, make the most of the gorgeous rainy weekend and spend some much-needed fun and quality time with your loved ones.

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