Discount & Cashback Offers on Products Which Matches Your Passion

The unexpected pandemic and subsequent global lockdown rules took us all by surprise. While some people are still adapting, many of us are on a path of finding ourselves again. We at HDFC Bank are awed at how you and many others have embraced this new normal. To help you enjoy your new-found hobbies and passions, we bring you unbeatable at-home offers.

What is ‘Discover the New You’?

Over the last few months, your personality and those of your friends and family might have evolved. You may have identified developed new skills that you once thought were beyond your capability. But then you realised that you’re not only an expert, but you also enjoy this new activity. While some of you have become culinary experts, others have discovered the artist inside them. Many of you have also caught up on their long-pending reading or TV shows! Each one of you has been able to learn a new skill or pursue that forgotten passion in the last few months.

With HDFC Bank offers, you get twice the excitement. Read on to find out what’s in store for you.

For the Master Home-Cooks

Did you ever imagine that you could cook more than just scrambled eggs? No? We’re sure you must have perfected your mom’s favourite recipe by now! For culinary experts like you, avail of Credit/Debit Card offers on grocery spends and shopping (online and offline.

For the Couch Potatoes

These offers are for those of you who have finally checked off movies or TV shows from your ‘must-watch’ list! All the binge-watchers can avail Debit or Credit Card offers on subscription payments for live-streaming apps.

For the Home-Chores Experts

Heve you become a housework expert like Monica in the famous sitcom ‘Friends’? Make use of CashBack, and no-cost EMI offers on Credit and Debit Cards when you buy a washing machine or refrigerator.

For the Fitness Freaks

Are you working out on your six-pack or shedding those extra kilos you gained during the lockdown? Look for Credit or Debit Card on fitness accessories and discounts on gym memberships.

For Those Who’ve Found Balance

Many of you have realised that you can juggle a hectic work-from-home routine and a work-for-home schedule equally well. Your home-office workspace is sacred and to make it even more pleasant avail our offers on air-conditioners. If the home-décor bug has bitten you, then there’s nothing like discounts on major furniture brands and no-cost EMIs on Credit Cards to get you started.

For the Video-Call Queens and Kings

So yes, home loungewear and video-calls fashion are now trending. You can also be the talk of your office virtual meetings by showing off the latest fashions. Splurge on the biggest fashion brands in India and make use of the best Debit/Credit Card offers.

How Can You Get Started?

To find the best offers for you, you can follow these few simple steps

  • Visit the Discover New You Page

  • Select your gender

  • Choose the category of your hobby or passion

  • And done, we will give you an array of options based on your hobby or passion

To make this journey even better with HDFC Bank Discover the New You, you can also share your newly-acquired accomplishments with your friends and family.

So go ahead, continue to Discover the New You using HDFC Bank Credit or Debit Card offers and enjoy the new normal life your way.