8 Gadgets that can make you more productive

The dilemma with the current digital lifestyle or tech-based culture is that you always feel guilty if you’re not productive. But staying productive always with the constant annoyance of fluctuating internet or power cuts can be quite hard. And who else will know this better than millennials like you!

Remember those nights you refused to meet your friends for dinner so that you could complete your deadlines, but instead spent the evening sulking because your WIFI crashed? Life is full of unfortunate events, but the only way you can soldier through is by coming up with solutions. So, instead of making a list of all the woes that work against you and your productivity, how cool would it be if you could use technology to your advantage and be uber-productive? 

Here are some cool gadgets that can help drive your motivation and productivity to the next level:

1. Nightgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi 6 Router

Do you sometimes find yourself asking what century you’re in when your internet is being annoyingly slow? It’s close to 2020, and slow connectivity is a frustrating irony. However, the Nightgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi 6 Router is your knight in shining armour with its strong signals and speed up to 3Gbps. 

2. TP-Link M7650 Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

In the cab on the way to a meeting, in your hotel when on vacation or in your bedroom when sick with the flu; you need the internet so that you can always stay on the go. For such flexible connectivity, the M7650 is your answer. It offers a speed of up to 600Mbps and is compact because who has any extra space in their bag! But the nifty part? It can be connected with up to 32 devices at once and has fantastic battery life. Now that lets you set up an office wherever you go! 

3. Omars AC Power Bank

When your phone dies on you, it feels like you’re being abandoned on a battlefield. What are you supposed to do without it! Well, with the Omars AC power bank, you’ll never have to find out. This beast of a battery pack ensures that your phone always has your back. It has a staggering 40200mAh powering capacity that can virtually power any mobile device on the planet.

4. Amber Smart Storage Platform

Isn’t it the worst thing to have to decide which apps you’ll uninstall and bid goodbye to when your device runs out of storage? With the Amber cloud platform, you don’t have to make such tricky decisions again! The safe and secure all-in-one cloud storage allows you to backup, share and stream content whenever and from wherever. 

5. Herman Miller Embody Chair

The quickest way to feel old is to have back pain. But that seems unavoidable due to bad posture and sitting for long hours at your desk, right. Well, there’s always a fix for everything! The ergonomically designed Herman Miller Embody Chair is your saviour; it will improve your health, posture and productivity. The science behind it? It has a unique human spine-like design, allowing you to maintain correct posture, stimulate blood and oxygen flow and keeps you relaxed and focused.

6. PlatoWork Brain Stimulating Headset

Okay, don’t freak out but the PaltoWork Brain Stimulating Headset looks and feels like something out of a Sci-Fi movie! This wearable headset works on neurostimulation technology that aims to put your brain’s functionality on overdrive. It is known to increase productivity, boost creativity and problem-solving skills. Wow, doesn’t it feel like you are living a Black Mirror episode? 

7. IQAir Atem Desk Personal Air Purifier

When you step into your office or home after having commuted through noisy and polluted roads, it feels like a relief to be able to breathe properly, unlike out on the streets. But the truth is, the air inside is just as much of a health hazard because it’s the stale air circulating from air-conditioners. So, here’s something to rescue you, the compact and effective Atem Desk Air Purifier is like a breath of fresh air – quite literally! It eliminates the smallest of viruses and gives you clean, fresh air so you can take all the deep breaths you want. By boosting the quality of the air, you breathe, it improves health and reduces potential sick days.

8. Sean Woolsey’s Smart Desk

It’s a classic management principle – everything should have the right place. And who can fight that? If you like things to be organised and in order, you need to upgrade your workstation to aid that. The Sean Woolsey’s Smart Desk is the new-age workstation built for people just like you who like having a clutter-free space yet having everything in reach. It houses a host of intuitive pop-up storage options that can keep the essentials out of sight until you need them. 

The next step towards better productivity

No gadget worth having comes cheap but think of it as an investment. Since they will help boost your productivity and enhance your efficiency, their returns, in the long run, outweigh their cost. 

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