6 Amazing Gifts for Workaholics

When you’re hard at work for hours upon hours and can’t indulge in play like you normally would – whether a Friday night out with your friends or a weekend getaway in a luxurious hill resort – you should find ways to gift yourself the things you need and deserve at home. Here are some of them that you’ll be so glad you gifted yourself.

1.The gift of relaxation

Working relentlessly can stress you out and ultimately lead to health issues. Take a long, device-free vacation to reconnect with nature. Think of activities and hobbies that brought you joy when you were younger. Was it reading? If you can’t remember the last time you read, go do some book shopping online and create a reading nook for yourself in your house. Get yourself one of those DIY bookshelves and a hammock. This will all help you relax and turn off from work the moment you step into this relaxing corner of your home. Add a mat and this space can also double up as your yoga and meditation corner.

2.The gift of style

When you take a break, indulge in a bit of retail therapy. Get yourself that cute dress you saw on your favourite boutique's online store the last time. Splurge on that stylish clutch, stole, or jacket you always had your eye on. Gift yourself a leather wallet or purse – how old is the one you’re using anyway? When you dress to impress yourself, the joy and confidence is out of this world. So what if you’re not stepping out of your home? You can still dress up and feel great. Also, wouldn’t you want to look chic for all those virtual parties your friends keep scheduling? In short, when you surface for a breather, emerge in style.

3.The gift of planning

As a workaholic, we bet you are so completely absorbed in your work that sometimes everything that your work and personal life demand out of you can seem overwhelming. Some good old planning and organisation is a good way to feel in control of everything without stressing yourself. Make the most of technology and get yourself useful devices such as a smartwatch and a tablet that will help you stay on top of things. With insight and tracking of your sleep patterns, physical exercise, reminders for hydrating yourself, meeting schedules, etc. you will find it so much easier to handle everything that is thrown at you. You can also get yourself the premium membership of one of the planning apps that let you make to-do lists, maintain a gratitude journal, track your mood, etc.

4.The gift of comfort

Get yourself an ottoman for your workplace and keep it tucked away under your desk. Next time you take a break you can put up your feet and relax in style. Better yet, get yourself a recliner! If you’ve watched FRIENDS, you know just how precious that can be. Maybe combine it with a power nap as well. Also invest in some fragrant oils – lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, to mention just a few – which will help you unwind while you put your feet up and sip on a cup of coffee. Oh, did we forget to mention the coffee maker?

5.The gift of love

Get your favourite family photograph framed and put it on your desk. In fact, look or one of those cool digital photo frames that will keep displaying some of your most precious memories with your loved ones. Got a pen as a gift from the offspring or a close friend? Put it in your pocket and use it every time you sign a new deal – who knows, it could bring you luck. Remember the perfume your sister gave you? Keep it in your purse for a quick spritz before stepping into a meeting. Exotic aftershave, miniature makeup kit, digital organiser... the list is endless. Keep as many as you can by your side, knowing that the gift-givers love you and you love them in return.

6.The gift of convenience

When your internet keeps lagging or you have to keep stepping out to get printouts of work documents, it can make your work unnecessarily delayed, frustrating and quite tedious! To make your life a lot easier and convenient, get a few essential things for your home office – a printer and scanner, a webcam, a secondary work monitor, and a wireless network router. These are some essentials that you need to carry out your work smoothly. If you can concentrate and work well only when there is no chaos or noise, get yourself noise-cancelling headphones and see your quality of your workday instantly change!

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