6 Tech gifts to give your sister this Raksha Bandhan

6 Tech gifts to give your sister this Raksha Bandhan 

Tempting as it may be to present your sister with a certificate for being the most annoying creature to walk the earth, with Raksha Bandhan around the corner, you must put such mean thoughts aside and think of getting her some actual gifts. If your sister is into gadgets, you don’t need to think twice – here are some great tech gifts you can give her on this festive occasion without busting your bank account.  

1. Wireless headphones 

Clichéd as it may seem, you’ll have to admit this is an excellent option, especially when you have run out of choices. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are more helpful than we give them credit for, and freedom from tangled cables is just one of their many advantages. Also, if you are someone who shops for everything online, headphones can be an easy buy. There is a range of companies offering brilliant, beautiful headphones, such as Sony, B&O, Bose etc. Choose one of them and surprise your sister. 

2. Funky flash drives 

The market is seeing an influx of cute and funky flash drives. So don’t think too much and gift your sister one or more of them this year. Who knows, she might even let you use them. Is she a Marvel fan? Thor’s Hammer would be perfect, or how about a Deadpool mini figurine? Is she part of the Game of Thrones fandom? Get her a flash drive with the sigil of her favourite house. From steampunk flash drives to those that look like little rainbows and even tiny grenades, you can choose from thousands of designs. 

3. Car charger 

If your sister is constantly on-the-go, a car charger may be just what she's missing. Gift her a universal USB charger that works well with almost every phone. So, every time her phone goes low on battery, she'll be thankful to you for giving her the gift of mobility and convenience.  

4. Digital photo frame 

Have your sister wirelessly upload pictures from her smartphone or social media account with a digital frame. Easy to set up, it is perfect for displaying a lifetime of memories without having to print them out! Don't forget to send her some pictures of you two that show some good old sibling love.

5. Smartwatch 

Surprise your sister this Raksha Bandhan with a beautiful smartwatch. This will help her keep track of all her text messages and notifications from her smartphone by simply glancing at her wrist. And that’s not all – she can organise her fitness routine better, improve her health, and attend calls even if her phone is out of reach. Many smartwatches now come with GPS and a heart rate monitor. Just try not to make her feel as if you think she could do with the exercise. Oh, and did we mention it also tells the time? 

6. Bluetooth speaker 

Let’s be honest; music is everyone’s saviour. Thanks to some brilliant inventor, humanity has been blessed with Bluetooth speakers. Heavens knows how we would have coped if we still had those gigantic wired speakers that used to tie us up (and each other) in knots. All that aside, we’re sure your sister will appreciate a Bluetooth speaker. Earphones have their place, but when it’s party time nothing less than a mini-boombox will do. You can choose one from HP, Boat, Philips, JBL etc. And they come in various sizes and colours. 

Whatever your gift may be, Raksha Bandhan is one occasion to spoil your sister and cherish your everlasting bond. Theses tech gifts double as great accessories that style-conscious women will absolutely love. Choose from a wide range of items to find your techno-savvy sibling the perfect gift and have a blessed Raksha Bandhan this year, and for the years to come. If you're wondering where you can get these gadgets at the best price, try SmartBuy from HDFC Bank.  

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