5 Ways to find lost Debit Card

In the current day, we are moving towards becoming increasingly cashless. We use Debit Cards and Credit Cards more than physical cash to make our payments. While Debit Cards come with great ease of usage, since your transactions are complete within a matter of minutes, there are high possibilities that you might also end up losing your card.

While making payments using Debit Cards are incredibly safe, they also pose a great threat to your account security if you lose them. Since your bank account is linked directly to your Debit Card, you stand to be a victim of financial fraud or theft. To avoid that, you need to take quick actions to ensure that you do not have to bear any financial losses, in case you lose the card.

What to do if your Debit Card is lost?

The very first step you must take is to contact your bank. It is also recommended to lodge an FIR at the nearest police station and present a copy of the same to the bank for further procedures.

You can reach out to your bank for reporting of the theft in various ways.

  • Call PhoneBanking
  • Hotlist and Reissue your card through NetBanking
  • Hotlist and Reissue your card through MobileBanking
  • Contact your Branch and they will hotlist your card on your behalf.

Once your card is hotlisted, the bank blocks any transactions that will take place with the use of your card. In other words, any activity from that account will not be permitted.

Once your card is blocked, you will receive a confirmation message. Usually, banks work swiftly to block lost Debit Cards instantly.

Now that your card is hotlisted, you should reissue a new Debit Card. You can do the same through digital channels (Mobile Banking / NetBanking) or go in a branch and get instant Debit Card.

How to find a lost Debit Card?

Finding a lost Debit Card is possible only if you remember the 16-digit unique Debit Card number. If you remember the details, you can notify the bank and the police. But, there are slim chances that a lost Debit Card will be recovered. In most cases, you can always apply and get a new Debit Card within 2-3 working days. The issue of a new duplicate Debit Card may be requested at the time of reporting the loss of the card. However, some charges may be levied by the bank for issuing the new card.

Most banks have zero liability policy to protect cardholders, especially in case a card loss is reported within the stipulated time. This means that if you report the loss or theft of your Debit Card within the given time, your bank is legally mandated to protect you by blocking or freezing the card. However, beyond that period, your bank is not liable to help you with any losses you incur.

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