What is the Use of Debit Card and Its Advantages



Debit Cards, as we all know, are very much in use in recent times. They have eliminated the need for carrying physical cash all around. Not only do they make transacting and paying easy in a matter of seconds, but also, they are widely accepted. From your local grocer to major restaurants and retail outlets, you can pay with your Debit Card or plastic money, which is linked to your bank account.

Advantages of a Debit Card

Here are some Debit Card benefits to know about-

  • Convenient to Use 
    Debit Cards are extremely simple to use. Since the payment is deducted directly from your bank account, a place where the money already exists, it can be done instantly. It is much quicker than having to wait for a credit transaction to go through or having to worry about having an adequate amount of cash in the account, to cover your expenses. Debit Cards make transactions fast, easy and convenient to use.

  • Works as an Emergency Fund 
    Debit Cards have the ability to give you cash. They double up as ATM cards and allow you to withdraw money from an ATM. Therefore, working as an emergency fund for you. In addition to the ATM use, a majority of stores offer cash back options at checkout. You can shop conveniently and reasonably using your Debit Card.

  • Self Protected 
    Debit Cards are protected by a four-digit pin number or PIN (Personal Identification Number) which you set yourself. This PIN is essential when making almost any purchase with your Debit Card. It gives you a great deal of safety against theft. You also receive a notification every time a transaction goes through, double verifying the transaction. These cards can also be frozen very easily and quickly. So if you lose it, you can prevent damage by freezing it within no time.

  • Easy to Obtain 
    The only and most important thing that you must have, in order to have a Debit Card is have a bank account. Anyone can open a bank account with a minimum deposit. So, you can use a Debit Card with the only pre-requisite being a bank account that is linked to your card.

  • Sets a Budget 
    One of the best things about a Debit Card is that you cannot spend more money than you have, which means you cannot go into debt. This helps you to budget, since every time you transact, the money is deducted from your account.

Applying for an HDFC Bank Debit Card is as convenient as a single click of a button. Looking to apply? New customers can get a new Debit Card through opening a new Savings Account while experiencing hassle-free banking with HDFC Bank. Existing HDFC Bank customers can get their Debit Card reissued within minutes here.

* Terms & conditions apply. Debit Card approvals are at sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd