Tips for doing up your Bachelor's pad when on a budget

Moving out of your parents’ home is a big deal. Now that you have taken the plunge and gotten a house for yourself, it is time to turn it into a home. While we understand that you have just landed your first job and are a rookie at adulting, there’s a lot more you can do than just throw a mattress on the floor.

Here are some easy ways you can up your game while sticking to a tight budget:


Invest in a few good pieces of furniture for the living area and your bedroom. A couch, a bean bag or two, and a coffee table – these should do the trick. Whether it is just to relax after a hard day at work or to entertain friends, this space would be perfect.

Once you have these essentials, and if your budget permits, you can add throw pillows, an area rug, a recliner, etc. Don’t be that guy who buys all his furniture in black or brown. Mix things up a little. Use neutral colours for most and add a few pieces in a warm green or a cool blue to add a little colour.

For the bedroom, stick to the necessities – a bed with a comfortable mattress, pillows, a wardrobe, a nightstand, and a writing desk (if you need one).


Before talking about décor, let get down to the essentials. You need to invest in some good quality sheets, towels, and hand towels. Get them in dark colours such as midnight blue or grey. Ensure you have spares so you can wash-and-repeat on a regular basis.

Change your sheets every week, boys. We repeat, please change your sheets! Invest in some thick curtains. Don’t be the guy who hangs sheets on the windows.

Décor is a very personal call. If you are still hanging on to your posters, frame them. They will look classier. Buy a nice lamp for ambient lighting in the living room. A plain bulb or fluorescent lights just don’t cut it. If you’re a book lover, you can DIY a nice bookshelf. If you like to paint, create your own masterpiece for the living room.

You can also commission a friend or a local artist to create artwork that speaks for you. All these ideas are inexpensive but will give your home a lot of character.


Make a list of things you want. Then narrow it down to what you absolutely cannot do without. Whether it’s a widescreen TV, home theatre, PS4, or music system, pick wisely. These things are expensive, so buy only what you will use regularly.

You will also need to invest in home appliances. A fridge and microwave are lifesavers for any bachelor. If you love to cook, get an oven. A washing machine and AC are other things you will need to make life comfortable and easy.

Most online stores have great deals on electronics. Compare prices and shop around to get the best deals.

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Paper cups and plates were okay when you were in college. You can still rely on them when you have a large crowd to entertain and can’t be bothered with washing up. However, you need to invest in good crockery.

You don’t have to spend a fortune buying crystal. Most home stores have affordably priced glassware of good quality. Buy a set of regular glasses, wine glasses, and whisky glasses. Also get plates and side plates.

Talking about whisky, please get rid of your empty alcohol bottles. No, it is not cool to have a house full of empty beers bottles and whatnot.

The best time to make expensive purchases is during sales. Online and offline stores offer up to 50% off on electronics and furniture, which translates to big savings. To make it even lighter on your pocket, most banks also offer easy EMI on Credit and Debit Cards.

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Have we given you enough ideas yet? It is time to get cracking!

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