Things to Ensure while Making the Offline to Online Shift in Your Business

Given the unprecedented popularity of digitalisation, more and more people are hopping onto the digital bandwagon and making digital tools an active part of their lifestyle. Considering current trends and buyers’ demands, a shift in the shopping pattern from brick-and-mortar to online is unexpected. By 2025, India’s e-commerce segment is expected to reach a market size of $188 billion, with up to 350 million shoppers.So, if you haven’t yet made the online shift, now is the time! And while making the transition, here are some pointers to keep in mind: 

1. Purchase a domain name

Getting a suitable domain name for your business is an important step towards giving your brand online recognition. Ideally, your domain name should be the same as your business name. 

2. Create a website

This is the next crucial step in taking your business online. Hire an agency or web developer to design your website. Remember, your website will be a digital representation of your entire business. So, make it attractive, efficient, and easy to navigate.

3. Enable multiple payment methods

Aim to provide a simple checkout page where a customer can make their payment and complete the transaction. Configure a user-friendly payment system by offering multiple payment options – Credit/Debit Cards, UPI, mobile payment, digital wallets, and cash on delivery. Having multiple payment gateways reduces the possibility of cart abandonment and ensures more conversion to sales.

4. Ensure quick shipping/delivery

Shipping and delivery are the mainstays of being a successful online seller. Prompt delivery will ensure that your customers keep coming back to your website. Tie up with regional courier services to guarantee on-time delivery to your customers. Remember, buyers are often willing to pay extra if it means they receive their purchases faster.

5. Plan marketing and SEO wisely

When making a move towards an online presence, you need to inform your brick-and-mortar customers that they can now buy products from their beloved store online. Create a buzz among your target audience and entice new customers with proper marketing and SEO planning. Ideally, marketing and related planning must start before your website goes live. Effective ways to market your online venture include emailers and building a social media presence on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Also, try sponsored ads to attract customers who may be looking for products that you sell.

6. Check if you are tax-compliant

Before you start selling online, you have to meet certain compliance requirements. So, look at various factors like GST return filing, ITR filing, trademarks, TCS and TDS applicability, etc., and make sure they are duly met.

7. Get on e-commerce platforms

There are many easily accessible e-commerce platforms and marketplaces that are ideal for beginners who have little experience in setting up or managing an online store. These platforms offer quick solutions for small businesses and individuals who wish to set up an online store. Almost everything is taken care of, so you won’t have to (say) set up payment processors or deal with transactions.

8. Let your website go global

One of the most significant advantages of online business is that you are not limited to your geographical location. Your business can transcend boundaries; you have the ability to take your business global while staying local. So, take the leap and start selling your products on any marketplace anywhere in the world with an automated integration tool.

9. Create great content for your website

Create content for your website that enhances the appeal of the products you are selling. Your content is your salesperson; it should not only describe the product but also convince potential customers to click on the ‘buy now’ button.

Last words

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