7 Travel Accessories That You Must Have for Your Next Trip

People travel for a lot of reasons. It can be a family vacation, an adventure trip, or a business outing. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling abroad or within the country; it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss. It can help you get in touch with yourself like never before.

Regardless of whether you’re a new traveller or a seasoned globetrotter, there are some things you should always pack. The things you carry can make or break your trip. Travelling with the right gear can make your journey so much more enjoyable and comfortable.

Here are a few must-have items for your next trip:

Basic essentials

Packing can be a tedious process. The extent of your luggage will depend on where you are travelling and what type of trip it’s going to be. Carrying basic essentials such as clothes is a given. Include clothes that go with the activities you plan to undertake. But pack smartly; don’t overdo it! Other basic essentials include cash, toiletries, medicines, and accessories. Most importantly, do not forget to include your travel documents.

You can read more on the essentials items to carry when travelling abroad.


In today’s connected world it is necessary that you carry your technology with you. It makes things more convenient. You can check and reply to email, surf the web, and do so much more. Having a laptop or tablet will also allow you to transfer all your vacation pictures and videos to your hard drive.


A smartphone is critically important when you are travelling. No one leaves home without one these days. Even if you are unable or unwilling to carry your laptop, you can use your phone to store music, take pictures, use various travel apps, check email, and browse the internet.

Noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are a godsend, especially when travelling. Whether you choose to travel by road, rail, or air, these headphones can give your ears a break from a lot of unwanted ambient noise and loud conversations. And they are always useful when you want to listen to your favourite music.


Today, most high-end smartphones have a good camera. But if you feel your phone’s camera isn’t good enough to get all those ‘likes’ on Instagram, invest in a bridge camera, if not a full-blown DSLR. This will guarantee great pictures and videos of your travel. You will otherwise have to be content with low-res memories.

eBook reader

If you’re a book lover and don’t like missing out on your reading when travelling, an eBook reader is a must-have. Carrying physical books can be difficult as they occupy a lot of space, but an eBook reader will make indulging in your favourite habit easier.

Adaptors/chargers/power banks

You never know what kind of facilities will be available at your travel destination. It is always advisable to carry your own set of chargers and adaptors. And if you know you are going to be outdoors for long durations, it is best to carry a power bank with you in case there is no facility to charge your phone.

These are just a few of the must-haves when travelling. The actual things you may want to carry will vary from person to person. If you are looking to buy some gadgets for your next trip but are low on funds, you should consider getting an HDFC Bank Consumer Loan.

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It’s never too late. Pack your bags and enjoy the best experience of your life!

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