7 reasons to take a Two-Wheeler Vehicle Loan

Should you buy a two-wheeler on loan?

Two-Wheeler Vehicle Loans are a secure, affordable option for those looking to buy a new scooter or bike.

We bring you 7 reasons to opt for a two-wheeler loan to buy your ride.

  • It is safe and affordable

    Regulated by government and RBI guidelines, banks offer a safe, secure and transparent option for borrowers.

    Charges and fees are mentioned clearly, and your repayment schedule is clearly defined as well.

    HDFC Bank offers affordable Two-Wheeler Vehicle Loan at attractive interest rates with pocket-friendly repayment options. This loan will be credited to the account within 10 seconds if you are a select pre – approved HDFC Bank customer.
  • Reach for your dream

    A two-wheeler that you aspire to own may be out of reach within your current means if you wish to pay for it on your own.

    But if you opt for a Two-Wheeler Vehicle Loan with affordable EMIs, you can own your dream model. This festive season, you have a 1000+ reasons to smile. With HDFC Bank Festive Treats you can avail up to 25% Lower EMI for the first 6 months^.
  • Keep your cash for emergencies 

    The cost of a two-wheeler is substantial. When you opt for a loan instead of using your available bank balance, you free up your funds. Keep your cash aside for emergencies and personal expenses. You can repay the loan in easy, pocket-friendly instalments over 12 to 48 months.
  • Use your money to invest 

    You can use your own available funds to invest in instruments of your choice, be it Mutual Funds, Stocks, Insurance or other assets.
  • Inculcate financial discipline 

    When you need to pay EMIs to the bank every month, you will ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account.

    This helps you plan your expenses and savings better, and you will learn financial discipline in the long run.

    Click here to read more on how to calculate a Two Wheeler Loan EMI.
  • Enjoy tax and depreciation benefits 

    If you are a self-employed business person or professional, you can claim tax benefits on your interest repayments and depreciation benefits on your two-wheeler.

    This is applicable only for the vehicle that you use for your business or profession. Expenses like Two-Wheeler Insurance, fuel and maintenance and loan interest repayments are allowed as a deduction from your profits.
  • Build a credit profile 

    When you take a loan, your financial behaviour is tracked, and the information is used to create a credit profile.

    Paying your EMIs on time ensures you have a good credit rating, so you can enjoy better interest rates for future loans.

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*^Terms & conditions apply. Two Wheeler Loan disbursal at sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd.