Quick Loan Shoppe: Your one-stop-Shop to Get All Types of Loans

Famous Scottish economist, Adam Smith, once said that human wants are unlimited and there's no doubt that he was right. Unfortunately, money, which is a means to fulfil many of your wants is limited. Whether you want to renovate your home, upgrade your business or buy a new car, you may not always have enough cash at hand to see these plans through. Hence, opting for a loan is a preferred way of financing your needs.

However, despite the unlimited potential that loans have, many shy away from getting a loan. This is because they often feel that applying for a loan can be a dreadful task; it can often be a difficult and time-consuming process that involves submitting a long list of documents, multiple calls and visits to the bank and an unpredictable wait time that could stretch for days or even weeks until the money reaches you. All of this will only add to your stress, especially when you need urgent funds. 

QuickLoanShoppe – Your one-stop destination for every loan 

HDFC Bank’s QuickLoanShoppe is your one-stop-shop for availing different kinds of loans such as a car loan, two-wheeler loan, gold loan and personal loan. Based on your financial needs or any other demand, you can opt for a loan that best suits you. And with this loan facilitator option, any bank customer can apply for a loan. Simply walk into your nearest HDFC Bank branch and find a solution for all your needs, while getting instant loans with some of the best of benefits. 

A loan for every need 

1. Car loan - Whether you are looking to get a car for yourself or upgrade your old one to meet your growing family needs, having your own car to travel is important in the current situation. Travelling in a privately owned vehicle is much safer than using public transport, especially during a pandemic. So, if you’ve got your eyes on the perfect car, visit any HDFC Bank branch, get a custom-fit car loan with minimal hassle and bring home the happiness of having your own set of wheels! 

2. Gold loan – Caught in a terrible financial situation such as outrageous medical expenses or a sudden business crisis? A gold loan can help you get the financial assistance you need if you have nowhere else to turn. All you need to do is pledge your gold jewelry as security and apply for a gold loan with HDFC Bank. Apart from getting your loan at 90% value of your gold, the safety of your gold is also guaranteed with India's No.1 Bank*. 

3. Personal loan – Need money to fund your child’s education, or complete a home renovation, or pay for emergency travel expenses? Regardless of your need, a Personal Loan can offer a solution to most financial shortages you may face. With QuickLoanShoppe, you can get a personal loan from HDFC Bank conveniently and quickly. Just visit any HDFC Bank branch to get started. 

4. Two-wheeler loan – Today the need to have your own ride is necessary for safe travelling. So, with HDFC Bank, you can own your dream bike by paying 25% less EMI for the initial 6 months and with zero foreclosure charges!* (T&C Apply) For our pre-approved customers, there is no down payment! So why wait? Walk-in to your nearest HDFC Bank to get started. 

Why opt for QuickLoanShoppe?

  • Minimum paperwork - HDFC Bank makes applying for a loan a cakewalk with minimum paperwork and easy documentation processes. With just a few basic documents such as bank details, address proof and identity proof, you can get a loan without any hassles!

  • Low rate of interest – Interest rates can have quite an impact on your disposable income until the loan is repaid—the lower the interest rate, the lower your monthly instalments. Quick Loan Shoppe offers loans at affordable interest rates so that you can pay your EMIs comfortably. This way, you can fulfil different needs without compromising on your savings and current budget. 

  • Higher loan amount – HDFC Bank is open to providing you with a higher loan amount so that you don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to fulfilling your dreams or financial needs!

No matter your requirement, getting funds is a quick and hassle-free experience with HDFC Bank and with QuickLoanShoppe makes loan procurement an easy, quick and convenient process from start to end. 

Happiness delivered. All loans, right here!