Apply for a Personal Protective Equipment with Personal Loan

As the world adapts to the realities of living with Covid-19, businesses and organisations must do the same. An important aspect of carrying out business activities is to protect your staff and ensure their well-being. Your safety, and that of your employees’ is of paramount importance, and a PPE Loan for Covid to provide support during these difficult times can be of great help.

What is a PPE Loan for Covid?

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is a crucial tool which provides protection during the pandemic. It consists of full-body covers, specialised masks, and respirators, and has become a must-have for employee welfare.

With a PPE Loan for Covid you will be able to purchase such essential safety gear for your staff with ease. This loan will allow you to buy PPE kits in large quantities while effectively managing supplier costs. With the additional funds you can ensure that you do not have to compromise on the quality of the PPE kits and can assure your staff of their safety at all times.

HDFC Bank Business Loan

HDFC Bank understands the financial distress caused due to Covid and has several loan programmes to reduce such strain. Apart from Covid specific loans you can avail of HDFC Bank Covid Business Loan to ease any financial concerns.

HDFC Bank offers a Business Loan under which you can draw a loan up to Rs. 75 lakhs without any collateral. The loan gives additional support to business owners with the help of features such as The Dropline Overdraft Facility and a flexible tenure of 12 to 48 months. While the loan amount can be utilised on Covid-related gear and protocol, it can also be used to smoothen out other business expenses.

You can click here to apply for your HDFC Bank Covid Business Loan.

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*Terms and conditions apply. PPE Loan or Business Loan at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank limited. Loan disbursal is subject to documentation and verification as per Banks requirement.