Cosmetic surgery funding: Credit Card or Personal Loan?

Till a few years ago, cosmetic surgery was believed to be only for the rich and famous. But an increasing number of people, across the economic spectrum, are seeking the services of a plastic surgeon. In fact, India is one of the leading hot spots for cosmetic surgery. It is not so uncommon any more to hear your colleagues, friends or relatives talk about breast implants, nose surgery, tummy tucks or facelifts.

Despite their growing popularity, cosmetic treatments remain expensive and outside the purview of insurance policies. Individuals must foot the bills of these treatments out of their own pockets.

So, what’s the best way to pay for these surgeries? Two of the easiest options are Credit Cards and Personal Loans – both have their advantages.

Paying for plastic surgery with a Credit Card

A Credit Card is a convenient way to pay for any expense, and most cosmetic surgery clinics today accept cards. If the cost of your treatment is well within your credit limit, a card is a good choice because you can get up to 50 days of interest free credit. However, you will have to shell out the entire amount before due date to avoid finance charges. Also, be aware that once you pay for your cosmetic treatment, you may not be able to use your Credit Card for anything else since the payment may exhaust your credit limit.

One option is to use your Credit Card to pay upfront and then convert it into EasyEMIs.

Can you get a loan for cosmetic surgery?

If you don’t want to max out your Credit Card, a great choice to foot your surgery bills is a Personal Loan.

A Personal Loan offers many advantages. Some cosmetic treatments could run into several lakhs and your Credit Card limit may not cover the costs. A Personal Loan is ideal in such cases. You can get a loan for the amount you need and repay it over several years in easy instalments.

What’s more unlike other loans, a Personal Loan is unsecured, so you don’t have to put up a collateral or pledge security. If you are eligible, you can get the funds instantly, no questions asked.

A Personal Loan is easy to get. You can check your eligibility in seconds and apply online for it in just a few clicks. The documentation required is minimal, and you can get a loan in under 4 hours. For select pre – approved HDFC Bank customers, you can get the loan amount disbursed in your account within 10 seconds.

HDFC Bank offers highly competitive Personal Loans at EMIs starting as low as Rs 2187 per lakh, with flexible tenures and instant disbursals.

A Personal Loan puts that facelift or tummy tuck you always wanted well within your reach.

Read more on the document requirements for your Personal Loan for cosmetic surgery.

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