Financial Planning 101-Smart Ways to Leverage a Personal Loan

Every now and then, life throws some curveballs your way. You may find yourself in a sticky situation, wherein you may need access to cash instantly. Most people consider breaking their savings to come up with the money. Yet others reach out to friends and family for the funds and often jeopardise their relationships. But this does not have to be the case. Today, you can access funds quickly with Personal Loans. Most lenders allow you to apply online and disburse the funds into your account almost instantly.

Money management and the role of a Personal Loan

Money Management is an art in itself. It encompasses the entire universe of adequately planning finances to your benefit without ever having to dip into your savings, especially when you need funds on a rainy day.

For instance, when faced with a financial emergency, the first instinct of most people is to liquidate their income-generating savings. People rush to break their Fixed Deposits or sell off their shares, Mutual Funds and Bonds. However, a competent money manager knows the prudence of obtaining a Personal Loan instead of liquidating assets. The loan not only helps you obtain high-value amounts but also comes with perks like no end-use restrictions, flexible repayment terms and budget-friendly EMIs, enabling you to maintain your lifestyle without any compromises.

How to Leverage a Personal Loan for Smart Financial Planning?

Here are some smart ways to leverage a Personal Loan and plan your finances prudently.

  • Debt Consolidation

    If you owe numerous debts to various creditors, you can use a Personal Loan to pay off all your obligations in one go. When you opt for consolidation, you only have to keep track of one debt, with a uniform interest rate that you can pay off in pocket-friendly instalments.

  • Emergency Expenses

    If you require urgent medical care or have to deal with a sudden financial crunch, Personal Loans can help you tackle all emergencies without depleting your savings. This way, you do not have to break the lump sums you painstakingly built over the years and can attend to the emergency effortlessly.

  • Leisure Expenses

    If you want to make a high-value purchase, from upgrading your home to buying the latest gadgets, you can rely on a Personal Loan. Doing so saves you the trouble of shelling out a significant chunk of money from your savings and can pay off the borrowed amount in manageable EMIs.

  • Planning Vacations

    You can plan your travel adventures, book flights and hotels, pay for visas, sightseeing, and more with Personal Loans. You can spread the cost of your vacation and repay the loan amount in tenures lasting up to five years.

  • Funding Without Collateral

    If you meet the lender’s eligibility criteria, you can obtain the Personal Loan without providing any collateral. This collateral-free feature also reduces the documentation needed and processing time taken.

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