How to Minimize Travel Cost on Honeymoon?

A wedding can be a costly affair and the honeymoon is often a major part of this expense. Thanks to the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ tag attached to the occasion, couples don’t hesitate to spend lavishly to make the occasion memorable. In doing so they often go overboard and incur some avoidable expenses but this need not be so. One can use caution and wisdom to significantly cut their honeymoon travel and associated expenses. This can be utilised to make their hotel stay luxurious and memorable.

First and foremost, all possible expenses should be taken into consideration. If a separate budget is kept aside for major expenses (flight tickets, stay, local travel, food, shopping) the total budget tends to remain under control and avoid impulsive shopping. That expensive Persian rug may seem a great buy while wandering in the streets of Istanbul but it may not look so exciting once you’re back home.

Honeymooners should identify all the expenses they are likely to make at an earlier stage so that they don’t regret later.

Be an early bird

It is always wise to begin planning as early as possible. Booking flight tickets early can save you a significant amount. Besides, in many overseas destinations, the prices of train and bus tickets also fluctuate. So if a trip is planned to such places, you should ideally plan your itinerary well in advance and book the local travel tickets online.

Apart from transportation, early bird discounts can be availed of in hotel stays as well. Keep an eye on hotel offers over a few weeks or months; you may encounter some attractive schemes and offers. If you’re lucky you might be able to crack a deal that bundles food and lodging expenses. What could be better?

Say no during peak season

Another wise decision is to avoid travelling during high season. Vacation destinations are most popular at certain times of the year. Naturally, they are also most expensive at these times. By going on your trip during the lean season you can save a lot of money on flight tickets as well as accommodation. Besides, restaurants often come up with attractive discounts on meals during the slack season. Local transport (such as cabs or charter buses) may also see a dip in demand due to lack of travellers and reduce their fares.

Explore travel models

Be open to different travel modes. All the available means of transport should be considered and a decision must be made based on convenience and economy. For instance, there are cases where air tickets are cheaper than train tickets, particularly in Europe. Tourists can also benefit from travelling to a nearby town by flight and then go the rest of the way by road, instead of taking a flight to the end destination. Many cities have multiple airports/train stations, in which case the cost of travel to all should be checked. For instance, it may be expensive to fly to John Lennon Airport in Liverpool, England, but tickets to nearby Manchester airport might be cheap.

A honeymoon trip is not a sudden or unforeseen expense. Couples generally have a fair idea that a honeymoon is on the horizon. Accordingly, they can start accumulating frequent flyer miles and reward points on their Credit Cards so that their honeymoon travel expenses are minimised. These can often be redeemed for flight tickets or hotel accommodation.

Choose a destination thoughtfully

A honeymoon is more about the experience and stay. The idea shouldn’t be just to fly off to an exotic location at the end of the world, just for the thrill of it. Not only might it leave you jet lagged and exhausted, it may not be the expenditures you’ve made for it. It is probably wiser to choose a beautiful destination nearer to one’s homeland and save on airfare. Spend the surplus on better accommodation instead.

Choosing a relatively unknown destination not only saves you money but also gets attention from friends and relatives. By choosing the proverbial ‘road less travelled’, the couple can flaunt their out-of-the-box destination honeymoon later. For example, instead of going to Paris or Bali, one can choose an obscure but stunningly beautiful town in eastern Europe and surprise their friends with some amazing Instagram-worthy photos!

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