6 Tips to Reduce your Car Loan EMI Burden

In our fast-paced lives, owning a car has become a necessity for an easy and convenient commute. However, the cost of living is rising every day and fulfilling your dream of owning a vehicle can often be difficult even if you have a decent monthly income.

It’s easier to buy the car of your choice today as you can opt for an Car Loan at affordable interest rates. There are many Car Loan products available in the market, and customised to suit specific customer needs.

Whether you are taking a new Car Loan or have an existing loan, the EMIs you pay can take a toll on your finances.

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Here are some factors that affect your cash outflow, and some tips to reduce the EMI burden.

  • Vehicle purchase price

    The first thing you need to ensure is that you get the best price on the car. Review and compare different cars to select the one that best suits your needs and also fits in your budget. Try and negotiate the best price possible with different car dealers and go with the one that offers the most competitive price. You can also try to persuade the dealer to offer some free accessories.
  • Down payment on the vehicle

    If you can afford it, try to make a large down payment on the car. This will help reduce your principal amount. I calculate the interest on your loan on the principal amount, so the lower the principal, the lower will be your EMI.
  • Tenure of the loan

    The shorter the tenure of the loan, the higher the EMI will be. If you cannot afford to pay a large EMI, opt for a longer tenure. You will have to pay a little more as interest. But you can always try to renegotiate your loan tenure once your financial situation improves.
  • Loan prepayment

    Many people get a bonus on Diwali, while some receive year-end incentives or a salary hike. Any time you receive such a windfall, make sure you use that money to prepay your loan at least partially as it will reduce your principal amount.
  • EMI adjustment

    One of the fastest ways to reduce your EMI burden is to increase your repayment amount in tandem with a rise in your income. try to increase your repayment amount, however small, each time you get a salary hike.
  • Changes in lifestyle

    With the additional burden of a loan it is important to make certain lifestyle changes. Try to time your EMI payment around the time you get your salary. Then plan your other expenses with the remaining funds. This will help you make your EMI payments on time and structure your expenses properly.

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