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Tips to zero in on a laptop that best matches your needs

In recent times, we have seen how laptops have become an imperative part of our life and lifestyle. In this era of ‘everything online’ it is the platform to go to for everything- be it shopping, paying bills, booking flights and hotels, entertainment and much more. 

To some it acts like a briefcase to carry almost their entire office or work-related data and to some it’s a memory box of all their pictures, movies and favourite songs.  

With so much to offer, not owning a laptop today is probably not an option. 

What should you look for in your laptop?
A good laptop would include a Core i3 CPU, a hard disk of at least 500GB, and 4 to 6GB of RAM. This would be the basis for a laptop that can provide solid and speedy performance.
On some models, you could find one of the following features as well: Core i5 CPU, a touchscreen, 1080p display or a solid-state drive. However, it might be challenging to find all these features in a single device.
You could also opt for a notebook that turns into a tablet. These are good machines to go for if you need a laptop for your schoolwork or to watch films on the go. Coupled with any quality multimedia device, the laptop can deliver an incredible viewing experience at home.

What’s worth paying for?
Certain considerations should be kept in mind before buying so that you can buy the laptop of your dreams. Buying a laptop with components which will not directly make much of a difference to how you plan to use the machine, is not ideal.
For instance, the cost of a touch screen netbook containing a graphic card would range anywhere between Rs. 70,000 and Rs. 75,000. Despite the features justifying the cost, the components will only enrich the experience of using the device when there is a specific purpose to be served by the graphic card such as gaming, or high-resolution video viewing.
Here is a list of some of the other legit features which are worth paying the premium expense for:
1. High-resolution display
Most practical laptops come with a 1366x768 panel. A higher 1920X1080 display covering a better part of the sRGB colour space will cost more. A 2K or 4K display would be of specific use to those looking for a device which can deliver brilliant gaming performance. 

2. A system that supports heavy software
A faster processor can benefit you if your mechanical hard drive keeps up with it. Switching to SSD from HDD has the most tangible impact on performance compared to any other premium component. It would triple or quadruple the general responsiveness of the laptop. This, in turn, can support activities which require heavy software such as designing and video editing.

3. Real premium design 
Most laptops are made of plastic and feel cheap to touch. It is well worth to pay a premium for the machine that has a sleek design and high-quality laptop body.  The price range for such laptops would be between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 1 lakh.

4. A great keyboard 
Typing on the laptop before buying them is a good idea. You will spend hours typing away on the keyboard – just the right amount of feedback can make the difference. 

5. Top-notch battery life 
Some of the budget laptops offer excellent battery life at low price points. It is because of the Atom processors and 11-inch screens.
If you are looking for long battery life with a mainstream processor - a premium would be the way to go. You can base your judgement on independent test results conducted by reputed reviewers. Aim for a laptop that offers 50% longer battery life than what you need. 

6. Brilliant gaming performance
In recent times, people love getting their squad together for playing games like the Fallout 4 or Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. The need of the hour then would be a laptop which will support tight graphics. 10-series graphic cards can sustain the best gaming laptops and can cost between Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 2 lakh. 
7. Appreciable Workstation
If you are looking to render 3D graphics, edit videos or do other graphics-intensive work – a high-end processor like the 2nd generation computer processors or the high-wattage Core i7, a dedicated GPU would be the way to go. These kinds of systems will cost a little over Rs 2.5 lakh.
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