How to turn your home into a smart home

A smart home doesn’t have to remain in the realm of fantasy anymore. Rapid advancements in home automation technology have made it accessible to all. You can now have a smart home based on your needs and expectations – and budget. These homes bring with them a whole slew of benefits, comfort and convenience being the important ones.

Turning your home into a smart home can be a great way to save energy. Since you can control all connected devices with your smartphone or even your voice, it eliminates the chance of you leaving an electronic appliance switched on when not required. This small change can reflect positively on your monthly electricity bill. 

Here are some appliances that will help you turn your regular house into a smart home:

1. Smart air-conditioner

You can start revamping your home by replacing your basic air-conditioning system with the latest smart ACs. These are WiFi-enabled, making it extremely easy for you to control them. Most smart ACs have no working range limit. This means even if you forget to switch off your AC while leaving home, you can simply turn it off later using your smartphone.

2. Smart refrigerator

Smart refrigerators let you take a peek inside anytime you want without having to actually open the doors. All you have to do is knock twice on the part of the door which displays what's inside. These refrigerators and many other models even come with smart inverter technology which drastically reduces the power your fridge consumes and this translates to cheaper electricity bills.

3. Smart Washing Machines

With the rapid advancements in technology, we should soon have a washing machine we can control with our smartphones. But until then, why not equip your homes with a washing machine which comes with smart inverter technology. Energy saving in our day-to-day activities is key and with this technology, your smart washing machines consume comparatively less energy as compared to other traditional washing machines.

4. Smart speakers

Smart speakers let you perform tasks such as set alarms or play music with voice commands. They also allow you to control other devices connected to the network with your voice. So, if your smart speaker is connected to the same network as your smartphone and AC, you will be able to control the latter with voice commands via the sound speaker. Smart speakers are all about convenience. 

5. Smart home theatre 

You can equip your living room with a smart home theatre system. In case you already have a soundbar, you don’t have to go all out. Soundbars let you pair them to other subwoofers, so just buy subwoofers or other compatible speakers and connect them together to improve the quality of sound. What’s more, you don’t have to connect these devices the old-fashioned way. Since this is smart technology, you can just connect the two using WiFi and control the whole system via an app on your smartphone. No more wires to tangle with!

6. Smart television

A smart TV is essentially a TV you can connect to the internet. Although this may seem like no big deal, it makes your life so much easier. With the ability to log in to the internet, you can access media streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video on your TV. You can also use web browsers and music streaming services. What’s more, you can even operate some of these TVs with your voice. 

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