How to Buy a Washing Machine With Zero Down Payment?

Your family has grown, and you now need a bigger washing machine to do the laundry. You are also considering the newly-launched fully automatic variant that does a better job than your current one. But your funds are all locked up, and you are looking for options to buy a washing machine without putting up any money upfront.

What you are looking for is a way to buy a washing machine with zero down payment

What is zero down payment?

When you take a Loan – be it for a car, a home or a washing machine – a bank will ask you to pay a part of the cost of the product (anywhere between 70% and 90%) to the seller before it shells out the rest as a loan.

A zero down payment option is where the bank pays the entire cost of the product without expecting you to pay an upfront sum. This is also called 100% finance.

Now, let’s look at how you can buy a washing machine with zero down payment.


HDFC Bank offers 100% finance on a large variety of consumer durables and electronic gadgets through its EasyEMI option.

How does EasyEMI work?

You can get HDFC Bank EasyEMI Loan on your Credit Card, Debit Card or as a Consumer Loan.

Walk into the Nearest Store that offers EasyEMI, pick your choice of washing machine, pay with Credit or Debit Card, and convert the amount into No Extra Cost EMI.

Alternatively, you can walk into the nearest branch of HDFC Bank, instantly check your eligibility using just your PAN card and get an instant loan for a washing machine with zero down payment.

Flexible terms

Regardless of which EasyEMI option you choose – Credit Card, Debit Card or Consumer Loan – you can pick a repayment tenure that works for you – from 12 to 36 months.

And you can get EasyEMIs not only on washing machines but also on TVs, refrigerators, ACs and other household appliances and electronic gadgets.

To apply for HDFC Bank EasyEMI Loan, click here to get started.

Know more about the Consumer Loan here.

* Terms & conditions apply. Consumer Loan disbursal at sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd.