How to Apply for Gold Loan?

Have important financial needs to fulfil?The solution is right in front of you. With an HDFC Bank Gold Loan, you can fulfil all your financial requirements on your own like business needs, unexpected expenses and bill payments. Get funds within 45 minutes and minimal documentation. ​​​​​​​

Gold is a valuable asset, and with it comes surety and stability. Let your idle gold get money for you; our Gold Loans come at competitive interest rates and tenures to match your specific timeline. In volatile times and during a contingency let us help you with a Gold Loan for any particular use. The funds received can be used for your business expenses, , medical expenses or fulfilment of any other financial needs without depending on anyone. However, do keep in mind that the funds cannot be used to buy any gold or jewellery. 

Before we proceed on how to take a Gold Loan from HDFC Bank, let us walk you through a few features: 

  • Quick Disbursal - One of the primary features of an HDFC Bank Gold Loan is that you can avail it in less than 45 minutes. 

  • Best interest rates - We offer competitive interest rates

  • Loan Offering – Term Loan, OverDraft and Bullet repayment is available

  • Flexible Tenure - The tenure of the loan is curated to match your financial ability. We offer tenures ranging from 6 to 24 months. 

  • Loan Amount - The loan amount commences at a value of Rs. 25,000. This value depends on the valuation of the jewellery. Only jewellery is considered as collateral against the Gold Loan

How to apply for a Gold Loan

There are two methods to apply for a Gold Loan. You can choose either depending on your convenience. 

  • The Online Method

Through the online method, we offer two options for you to choose from on how to get Gold Loan

  1. Through our Website: 

  • Step 1: Visit the HDFC Bank website. We have curated a quick link on the right-hand side through the drop-down list. First, select Loans under the ‘What are you looking for’ section. After that, choose Gold Loans from the below drop-down menu. 

  • Step 2: Fill in the personal and income details and select Submit. 

  • Step 3: Our HDFC Bank loan executives will get in touch with you regarding your loan application.

  1. Through EVA, our ChatBot: 

You can initiate your Gold Loan application process with Eva the ChatBot. 

Visit our website, click on Eva at the right bottom of the page and follow her instructions to apply for the Gold Loan. 

  • The Traditional Method: 

Another convenient option of how to get Gold Loan from a bank is you can visit the nearest HDFC Bank with your gold jewellery. Allow us to value your gold and then let us walk you through the loan process. With minimal documentation, you can avail the loan in less than 45 minutes. 

Now that you’ve read about how to get a Loan Against Gold, you know about the convenient process of getting a Gold Loan. If you have the appropriate documentation like a PAN or Aadhar Card, you can avail the Gold Loan in less than 45 minutes. Apply for Gold Loan today and fulfil your financial needs!