Best Honeymoon Planning Tips on a Budget

The honeymoon has become an essential post-wedding ritual. Since it holds a great deal of significance in the life of the newlyweds – who see it as a chance to bond with each other – many couples tend to ignore the costs involved. Indeed, most have no idea how badly a honeymoon can set them back financially till they start planning for one. Before you know it, you’ll end up spending more on your honeymoon as compared to your wedding.

So how can you enjoy your honeymoon without spending a lot of your funds on it? Here are some honeymoon tips you can consider:

Plan judiciously

Depending on the destination and the type of travel, the cost of your honeymoon will vary. Many couples have no qualms about taking an extravagant vacation to celebrate their union. Occasionally the cost of the honeymoon can exceed the cost of the wedding ceremony. If not planned judiciously and well in advance, your dream trip could burn a hole in your pocket.

An early bird gets the worm

Those who have had the foresight of planning tend to save enough for their honeymoon. At the same time, many have had to compromise on their dream destination or spend their entire savings on their holiday. The cost of travel, in general, is high and it is easy to spend a cool lakh or two just for the airfare. Of course, if you are travelling to a destination within the country, the expense will be lower – but it can still dent your finances.

Honeymoon cottage

If you wish to book into a suite or honeymoon cottage offered by luxury hotels in the country, the cost for three nights with meals could be around Rs 1 lakh. If you want to book a three-night stay at a luxury property abroad, the cost including meals will be anywhere between Rs 1.75 lakhs and Rs 2 lakhs. These rates are for luxury resorts. Customised holidays and super-luxury packages can cost much more but then they also promise an experience of a lifetime. They may also include additional services such as a spa and romantic dinners.

Three-night package

The average cost of a three-night honeymoon within the country could touch Rs 1.25 lakhs, and for an international destination it will be about Rs 3.5 lakhs. If you choose a destination closer to home, the airfare will be lower and a memorable honeymoon could be yours for about Rs 1.6 lakhs. It also depends on when you travel; in peak holiday season you could end up paying much more than usual.

Go for the suitable loan

If you have been dreaming of a foreign honeymoon but have not yet started to save, don’t worry – you can still fulfil your dream. All you need to do is apply for personal loan from HDFC Bank. Starting at Rs 2,162 per lac, this makes for a great choice. If you are a pre-approved customer, you will receive the loan approval within 10 seconds; if not it may take about four hours*. The loan can be repaid in easy EMIs over a tenure that you find comfortable. There’s minimal documentation involved, and the loan can be repaid via cash, cheque, or Credit Card.

Domestic or international?

You should calculate the amount of loan required based on the type of honeymoon you want. Domestic or international? Mountain or beach? Five-star luxury or cosy homestay? There are many factors you need to consider, but primarily make a budget for the destination you wish to travel to. The best way to do this is to calculate the cost on a per-day basis and add about 30% to the budget to arrive at the estimated total cost of the trip.

Lastly, take stock of the funds available with you and apply for a Personal Loan for the balance amount. HDFC Bank will process the loan as soon as you submit the necessary documentation.

Never compromise on your dreams! Have a memorable honeymoon with your beloved – without worrying about finances.

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