Say ‘Yes’ to Spontaneous Vacations, When you can Pay Later with FlexiPay

If you’re a travel buff, you know the thrill of impromptu plans. Sure, a planned itinerary is great, but nothing compares to the joy of a spontaneous trip. Like a surprise package, it could get your adrenaline rushing and leave you with the best memory for life. 

At the same time, it is always difficult to align holiday plans with friends and family. So, when you get a chance to do so, don’t let go. Drop the financial worries and simply book a joyous trip with your loved ones! Wondering how? With some smart planning and HDFC Bank FlexiPay! 

Travel made easy – Buy Now, Pay Later with FlexiPay

While getting leaves from office or convincing your parents could all seem possible, the biggest roadblock in impromptu travel is finances. You may feel dismayed if you’re out of savings or do not wish to borrow money from friends and family. So, does that mean you need to say “no” to a trip? Of course not, thanks to HDFC Bank FlexiPay. 

Using the FlexiPay payment option on MakeMyTrip, you can book your tickets now and push payments for a later time. In other words, FlexiPay works like a digital credit solution; you buy now, but instead of making an upfront payment, you can easily pay later with zero additional cost. You can pick a repayment tenure that best suits you. 

How does FlexiPay work? 

To use FlexiPay, all you need is an HDFC Bank Debit Card.

  • Log in to the MMT (MakeMyTrip) website or app, select your trip (tickets or stay), and click on the ‘Pay Later via FlexiPay’ option while checking out. 
  • After selecting FlexiPay, you will be prompted to enter an OTP that you will receive on your registered mobile number. Enter the digits and proceed to check out by agreeing to the amount and the due date. 

Through this simple process, you can enjoy on-spot booking without spending a single rupee! What’s more, you get an MMT voucher worth Rs.300. 

Additional features and benefits of FlexiPay

When planning a trip towards the end of the month or when low on funds, HDFC Bank FlexiPay can be an added boon! In addition to the financial flex, the FlexiPay extends the following benefits:

  • No extra cost for 15 days: Payments made within 15 days is interest-free. You will not have to pay even a single extra rupee as interest for clearing payments by 15 days.
  • Affordable interest charges: For 30,60, and 90 day tenures, interest of Rs. 70 per month on a purchase of Rs. 3,000 will be levied. You can pick the tenure at your convenience. 
  • Zero extra charges: You will not be charged with convenience fees, processing fees, and other hidden charges.
  • No waiting for approvals: You don’t have to call your friends or family for funds or wait endlessly for a bank loan to travel. FlexiPay allows you to book your trip instantly without any hassles.
  • One-click checkouts: FlexiPay is ideal for quick getaways. Select your travel destination, agree to ‘Pay Later’, and checkout! You can book your trip within minutes, without worrying about the cost!
  • Get reminders: You can see the outstanding amount in the My Account Section on the MMT website at any point in time. Additionally, you will be notified of the amount due through SMS, email, and phone calls as required regularly.

Make last-minute holidays happen with HDFC Bank FlexiPay! After all, everything can wait, but travel surely should not!  

Other websites and merchants

Besides MMT, you can use FlexiPay on many other websites and stores. 

  • From fashion brands like Myntra and Zodiac Clothing to electronic brands like Skull Candy and Zebrs to furniture brands like Ikea and many more, HDFC Bank FlexiPay is available on a wide list of merchants. 
  • You can use HDFC Bank FlexiPay anytime and anywhere for purchases ranging from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 60,000. It provides you with instant credit – 24x7

Next time you fall short of cash but still need to make a purchase – try FlexiPay

Low on bank balance, but still want to live your life? Read more on how FlexiPay will help you!

*Terms and conditions apply. Loan at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank limited. Loan disbursal is subject to documentation and verification as per Banks requirement.