EasyEMI for IVF Fertility Treatment

Fertility Treatments are highly specialized, and may cost a lot of money. You can handle these expenses in case you have medical insurance or enough savings. However, many a times, your medical insurance or savings might not fulfil the monetary requirement of getting fertility treatment. In such a scenario, you might need a way of supporting the additional expenses, or an easy way of repaying the amount.

HDFC Bank offers its customers with a unique, hassle-free payment option in the form of EasyEMI.

EasyEMI, as the name suggests, is a repayment option where the amount is converted into easy monthly instalments. HDFC Bank offers EasyEMI on your Debit Card, Credit Card or Consumer Loans. EasyEMI can be availed for a multitude of uses. You can purchase Consumer Durables or Mobile Phones, Lifestyle Products, and Life Care through EasyEMI.

HDFC Bank customers can avail the EasyEMI option for fertility treatment, including IVF, on their debit or credit cards. Under the EasyEMI option, customers can swipe their debit or credit card while making payment, and convert it into monthly instalments without paying any extra amount or processing fee. Customers can choose to repay the amount within 3 to 36 months.

EasyEMI  is hassle-free, and requires no documentation. Customers are already validated, as they own a debit or credit card from HDFC Bank. There is zero down payment, which means you do not need to pay any amount upfront for availing the services. No money is blocked in the account. You can convert the entire amount into EMI with 100% finance. Just swipe your card, convert it into an EMI, and then repay the amount later. The amount is instantly credited into the beneficiary’s account. There is no waiting time for approvals and amount disbursal. You can get the treatment without any worries. Repayment can be done in easy, pocket-friendly instalments.

Fertility treatment is very nuanced. You should take no chances while ensuring that only the best treatment is sought. IVF EMIs can help you get the best treatment with a hassle-free repayment option.

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* Terms & conditions apply. Debit and Credit Card approvals and Consumer Loan disbursal at sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd.