What are the Documents required for a Personal Loan for Dental Treatment?

New-age dentistry can work wonders with teeth. Whitening, straightening, implants… all these ensure that your smile will dazzle people. However, there’s a cost to pay for these. Dental treatment is expensive – a single implant could cost between Rs 30,000 and Rs 50,000. If you want a perfect set of teeth, the costs could go up even more

The best solution to finance cosmetic dentistry would be to take a Personal Loan. Many banks offer Personal Loans at relatively low interest rates; they are also disbursed quickly at your convenience. But there are some documents required to take a Personal Loan for dental treatment. If you already have an account with a bank branch, you will probably need no documentation

Documents required to take a Personal Loan for dental treatment

  • Income proof: Obviously, this one of the most important documents required for a Personal Loan. After all, the bank has to make sure you have the ability to pay. If you’re a salaried individual, you may need statements for the past three months that show the monthly salary deposited in your account. You’ll also need salary slips for the past three months. If you’re self-employed, you may have to provide audited financials of the past couple of years, and bank statements for six months.
  • Proof of identity: Then there’s proof of identity. You’ll need one of the following: PAN card, passport, driver’s licence or voter ID.
  • Address proof: For this, you’ll need an Aadhaar card, passport, driver’s licence or voter ID card.
  • Form 16/ income tax returns: You’ll also need to submit your form 16 if you are a salaried employee, or income tax returns if you are self-employed.

After filling the form and submitting these documents along with passport-size photos, you are all set for a Personal Loan.

Of course, things are much easier if you are taking a loan from your own bank. In that case, you may not need any documentation at all. For example, HDFC Bank customers can get a Personal Loan in under four hours. Selected pre-approved HDFC Bank customers can get personal loans credited into their accounts in a matter of 10 seconds.

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