Credit Card Loan Eligibility and Interest Rates - What You Need to Know?

Credit Cards have changed the way we shop. But, a Credit Card is more than an option that allows you to buy now and pay at leisure. When you need funds to cover emergency medical expenses, or for a fancy vacation, we at HDFC Bank have got you covered. What’s more? Credit Card Loan is pre-approved, so get a Loan on Credit Card instantly!

There are two types of Loans on Credit Card that we offer—InstaLoan and the Insta Jumbo Loan, with nominal processing fee of Rs. 599 onwards. Another reason for you to take a Loan on Credit Card with us is, with an Insta Jumbo loan you can get a pre-approved amount higher than your credit limit. You can avail of this loan without having your Credit Card blocked.

Loan on Credit Card Eligibility

There is no need of documents for eligibility for Loan on Credit Card. If you’re unsure of whether you qualify, you can find out your Loan on Credit Card eligibility on your own. You can do this by just logging into HDFC Bank NetBanking and taking a look at the Credit Card section. You can get a loan amount that falls within the spending limit of your Credit Card, or exceeds it. ​​​​​​​

Credit Card Loan Interest Rate

If you take a Loan on Credit Card with us, you can avail an interest-free period of 20-50 days. The maximum tenure you can choose for the repayment of your loan is 60 months. The interest rates on an HDFC Bank Credit Card can go up to 3.4% per month. Our interest rates on Loans on Credit Cards are generally lower and more flexible. We offer you the most competitive rates based on your usage of the card and relationship with us.

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Loan on Credit Card Disbursals are Basis Below Conditions


 If you have an existing  HDFC credit card, you can directly avail loan on your credit card.

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If you don't have HDFC Bank Credit Card, you must first apply for a new credit card with us. Post which, you can check the eligibility and apply for Loan on credit card

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