How to get a School Loan for the Covid-19 Disease?

While the world adapts to the new normal set by Covid-19, it hasn’t been easy to manage financial responsibilities during these troubling times. Apart from daily expenses and business costs, you also have to ensure that your child receives the best education despite a pandemic. HDFC Bank realises the value of your child’s education and offers School Loans designed to ease such academic expenses.

Along with other changes, the pandemic has affected the school system as well. While classes are being conducted online, the school fees remain the same. Apart from paying regular fees, your child also requires a laptop/tablet and a strong internet connection to attend virtual classes. Managing your child’s education requires you to incur additional costs during this difficult time. As you adjust to the financial and employment changes brought about by Covid, HDFC Bank offers a Covid 19 School Loan to assist you with this essential expenditure.

While choosing a School Loan for Covid certain factors must be kept in mind. You should look out for loans that provide a reasonable rate of interest and allow you to make convenient monthly payments. Plus, the offer should allow for a flexible tenure during which the amount can be repaid. The straight-forward eligibility criteria of HDFC Bank Covid 19 School Loan provides quick and convenient aid to students. HDFC Bank understands the difficulty of such a balancing act and offers a School Loan that is designed to reduce your financial stress without compromising on quality education. The School Loan for Covid ticks all the boxes and will allow you to pay fees in a timely manner.

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Education Loan

Apart from school-going kids, HDFC Bank also provides assistance to students aiming for higher education. As students strive for a college education to improve the quality of their futures, the tuition expenses can be difficult to meet. The pandemic and resulting economic issues have only made the costs of higher education more concerning for students. However, with HDFC Bank Education Loan students can obtain financial aid and pursue their academic dreams. Targetted towards students above the age of 16, this loan can be availed for further education in India or abroad. HDFC Bank offers up to Rs. 30 lakhs with preferential rates for top colleges and universities. The tenure for repayment of the loan is flexible with a moratorium that offers students certain payment options.

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​​​​​​​*Terms and conditions apply. School Loan at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank limited. Loan disbursal is subject to documentation and verification as per Banks requirement.