6 Smart ways to pay your Credit Card Loan

You bought a big-ticket item on your Credit Card and the bank offered to convert it into an EasyEMI loan. Or, maybe, you received a pre-approved Loan on your Credit Card and decided to use it to take that dream holiday.

Now, it’s time to pay back. How can you pay your Loan on Credit Card smartly? First, it’s important to understand how a Credit Card Loan works.

So, how does a Credit Card Loan work?

Credit Card Loans are mostly pre-approved loans and extended to customers who have a good credit history and repayment record. You can choose to receive the funds in your account or take a demand draft of the loan amount. You can spend the funds any way you see fit – on renovating your home, buying a consumer durable, taking a holiday etc.

You can read more about how to apply for a Credit Card Loan here.

How do you pay back a Credit Card Loan?

You have to pay back a Loan on Credit Card in easy monthly instalments over the tenure chosen. These instalments are charged to your monthly Credit Card statement, and you must pay it by the due date. In most cases, the instalment amount is included as part of your monthly Credit Card spending limit. So, if you have a Rs 1 lakh credit limit and your instalments are Rs 10,000 every month, your limit for other expenses will be Rs 90,000.

Here are some smart ways to pay your Credit Card Loan dues if you have an HDFC Bank account:

  • NetBanking: Register your card once by logging into your NetBanking account and then pay any time you want in minutes
  • Smartphone: You can use the MobileBanking App or log in to NetBanking from your smartphone to easily pay your Credit Card bill no matter where you are.
  • ATM: Just walk into an ATM, swipe your card and transfer funds to a registered Credit Card
  • Cash and cheque: Visit a branch and pay in cash or cheque
  • AutoPay: Register for the facility once by filling up a form and dropping it off at a branch or ATM near you. Your Credit Card payments will automatically be debited from your account. You must ensure that you have funds to make the payment.
  • If you want to pay an HDFC Bank Credit Card bill and don’t have aren’t an account holder, you can pay via BillDesk in minutes.

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* Terms & conditions apply. Loan on Credit Card disbursal at sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd.