Recharge Now

You can recharge your mobile phone instantly through HDFC Bank’s ATM and NetBanking or through a missed call.

Recharge your mobile Via


Here’s how you recharge your mobile connection at an ATM




Select Prepaid Recharge / Bill Pay




Choose Prepaid Recharge



Enter your 10-digit mobile number and confirm it




Enter the amount that you want a recharge for. Within seconds, you will receive an SMS confirming the recharge



Here’s how you can recharge your mobile directly from your bank account




Go to the Recharge page




Select your mobile operator name



Enter your mobile number




Enter the amount you would like to top-up





Confirm payment by logging into NetBanking using your Customer ID and IPIN




Your phone will be recharged in just a few seconds. You will get an SMS confirming the recharge amount

Missed Call

Recharge up to five phone numbers by giving a missed call to 73 08 08 08 08




Do a one-time activation by sending SMS to 73 08 08 08 08 :


-For your own number, write the following in the SMS: ACT (e.g. ACT IDEA 12345).


-For your friend / family member or any other mobile number, write ACT (e.g. ACT 9876543210 IDEA 12345).


You can connect up to 5 mobile numbers to your bank account.


You can recharge any number once a day


You can recharge for amounts between Rs. 10 and Rs. 500.


While the default recharge amount is set to Rs 50, you can always change it by simply sending the following SMS to 73 08 08 08 08:

  • For your own number: FAV

  • For others: FAV


Please use operator name mentioned in the table :-