Credit Card Membership Fee Condition

MID from 16th August 2023


(excl. GST)              

(GV offer* on First Year MFee Payment) 

(1 Transactions within 37 days of card open date)

(Retail spends within preceding 12 months)

IndianOil Rs. 500Not Applicable 

Rs.250 Gift Voucher on doing at-least 1 transcation within first 37 days 

Spend Rs. 50,000

CSC Small Business Moneyback

Rs. 250 

Gift Voucher equivalent to First Year Membership Fee 

Spend Rs. 25,000 

Rs. 500 

Spend Rs. 50,000 


MoneyBack + 

Business MoneyBack 

IndiGo-6E Rewards 

Not Applicable 


Rs. 1,000 

Spend Rs. 1,00,000 

IndiGo-6E Rewards XLRs. 1,500Not Applicable 

Diners Privilege

Rs. 2,500 

Spend Rs. 3,00,000 

Business Regalia

Regalia Gold

Spend Rs. 4,00,000 
HDFC Bank Times Card CreditRs. 500Not ApplicableNot ApplicableSpend Rs. 1,50,000

HDFC Bank Times Card Credit


Rs. 1,000Not ApplicableNot ApplicableSpend Rs. 2,50,000

Shoppers Stop HDFC Bank

Credit Card

NILLife Time Free cardNot ApplicableNot Applicable

Shoppers Stop Black HDFC

Bank Credit Card

Rs. 4500Not ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable

Flipkart Wholesale HDFC Bank Credit Card

Rs. 499First Year Free cardNot Applicable Spend Rs. 3,00,000 

Diners Black

Rs. 10,000 

Spend Rs. 1,50,000 in 90 days
for First Year Fee waiver 

Not Applicable 

Spend Rs. 5,00,000 

Infinia (Metal Edition)

Rs. 12,500 

Spend Rs. 3,00,000 in 90 days for First Year Fee waiver 

Not Applicable 

Spend Rs. 10,00,000 

Tata Neu Plus HDFC Bank Credit Card

Rs. 499 

Not Applicable 

Not Applicable 

Spend Rs. 1,00,000 

Tata Neu Infinity HDFC Bank Credit Card

Rs. 1,499 

Not Applicable 

Not Applicable 

Spend Rs. 3,00,000

Important Terms & Conditions 


  1. Membership Fees will be levied along with applicable GST on 120th day.

  2.  Post realization of the First Year Membership Fee, an equivalent amount of Gift Voucher (GV) will be issued. This will be issued within 90 days of Membership Fee realization date. GV offer is not applicable for IndianOil, Infinia and Diners Black, Tata Neu, Shoppers Stop credit cards.
  3. Beyond this MID, First Year Membership Fee waivers and Lifetime Free Credit Cards (Annual Membership Fees waived off) will be applicable for select customers as per the Bank's internal guidelines and discretion.

  4. Renewal Fee shall be levied at the start of every anniversary year if the card is not Life Time Free or does not meet Renewal fee waiver condition (For more details refer our MITC on

  5. I hereby agree and give my consent to HDFC Bank to issue me a Business credit card variant a basis my occupation type. I also agree that Business Credit card variants can be issued only to Self Employed / Proprietors / Partners Customers

  6. I acknowledge and agree that Product Benefits linked to realization of Membership Fee will not be applicable in the event of opting for FYF or LTF Cards