Fees & Charges

IntermediaryCharge HeadService Charges*
Charges by Bank - Point Of Presence - POP (Maximum  Permissible Charge for each Subscription)Initial Subscriber Registration Rs. 200/-
Initial Contribution0.25% of the the initial contribution amount from subscriber subject to a minimum of Rs.20/- and a maximum of Rs.25,000/-
Any subsequent Contribution
All Non Financial TransactionsRs.20/-

e-NPS (for subsequent contributions)0.10% of the contribution. Min. Rs. 10/- & Max. Rs. 10,000/- (Only for NPS- All Citizen & Tier- II accounts)
Charges by Bank - Point Of Presence - POP (Through cancellation of Units)PersistencyRs. 50/- per annum (Only for NPS- All Citizen Model)
M/s NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd (1st CRA) Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) Opening ChargesRs.40/-
PRAN Annual Maintainance ChargesRs. 95/-
Charge per transaction Rs. 3.75/-
M/s Karvy Computershare Pvt Ltd (2nd CRA) PRA Opening Charges Rs. 39.36/-
Annual PRAN Maintainance cost per accountRs. 57.63/-
Charge per transaction Rs. 3.36/-
Fund Management Charges (FMC)0.01% p.a. of total accumulated amount

Note : *The charges are subject to revision by Regulators. *Taxes as applicable.

​​​​​​​Investment Option:

Subscribers have the option to select allocation pattern for their investment across various asset classes.

Active Choice: This option allows the subscriber the freedom to design the portfolio among 4     asset classes as below:

  • Equity (E): This is a 'High risk – High Return' option as the funds are invested in equity Subscriber can choose to invest up to 75% in this class
  • Corporate Bonds (C): Funds are invested in fixed income bearing instruments which offer medium returns
  • Government Securities (G): Funds are invested only in Government Securities
  • Alternate Assets (A): Funds are invested in real estate bonds and infrastructure projects. Maximum capping is 5% investment since this is a very high risk investment.

Auto Choice- Life Cycle Fund : In case 'Active Choice' as described above is not selected, the contribution funds will be invested in a pre-defined proportion depending on the age of the subscriber. The exposure will be higher in equity at a younger age and will be moderated progressively to get a balance among high, medium and low risk investment. For example, allocation in equity till the age of 36 years is 50% in "E" , 30% in "C" and 20% in "G" asset class. After the age of 36, asset allocation starts decreasing from "E" and "C" and increases in "G" till it reaches 10% in "E" & "C" and 80% in "G" asset class.

NPS Facilities

NPS on mobile Application : A mobile app for NPS Subscribers called 'NPS by NSDL e-Gov' is available. The Subscriber can now view their NPS account, scheme holdings, latest Net Asset Value (NAV) and the total value of the schemes through this app. Subscribers can view the transaction statement for a particular financial year, as well as details of last five contributions. Subscriber can switch among fund managers, asset classes and change the allocation ratio.

Facilities available in Subscriber’s login :

  • View profile details
  • Transaction Statement
  • Statement of Holding
  • Contribution Statement
  • Transaction through OTP authentication
    • Contribution
    • Tier II withdrawal
    • Scheme Preference change
    • One Way Switch (from Tier II to Tier I)
    • Reprint of PRAN Card
  • Change of contact details
  • Change of address using Aadhaar authentication
  • Grievance facility
  • Various Views
    • E-PRAN view and download
    • NAV details
    • Tier II details
    • POP (Point Of Presence) details
  • Facilities outside login:
    • Contribution
    • Tier II activation
    • IPIN reset

Address change using Aadhaar authentication: An NPS subscriber can now update or modify his address on his own using Aadhaar-based authentication. Once the subscriber logs in, he just has to click on "Update Address" by providing the Aadhaar number and then click on the 'Submit' button after which an OTP (one-time password) will be sent to his mobile. Once he authenticates by submitting the OTP, the address details from the Aadhaar system will be fetched and updated in the system. The Subscriber will then be able to update both, permanent, as well as correspondence address.

Online IPIN generation: Subscribers can access the system immediately after registration. They will be able to generate IPIN instantly and access their NPS account. 

Online Contribution: Subscriber, with IPIN credentials, can login and click on the 'Contribution' button wherein contribution can be made.