Apply Online

  • If you are an HDFC Bank NetBanking customer, you can now apply online. Log in on NetBanking and select the "IPO Application" option from the bottom left menu. You will then be re-directed to our IPO Online System.
  • The IPO Application is only for resident individuals and applications cannot be made on behalf of a Corporate, HUF, Trust, Minors etc.
  • Please note that the sequence of names of the applicants should be as per the sequence of names held with the Depository account.
  • By default, the NetBanking user will be that of the 1st applicant.
  • A hold will be marked on the total amount, at the highest price bid by the applicant.
  • Application money will remain blocked up to the finalization on the basis of allotment.
  • Account will be debited post the allotment the shares.
  • Further, if the information furnished by the applicant is incorrect, the Bid is liable to be rejected and the Company and Bank would not be liable for losses, if any.
  • Please ensure that the name on the PAN card matches with the Demat Holder's name.

Apply through Physical Application

  • Visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch to apply for an IPO through ASBA. It is not essential to hold an account in the same branch, the account can be held with any HDFC Bank branch.
  • ASBA bid-cum application forms are available for download and printing, from websites of the Stock Exchanges which provide electronic interface for ASBA facility i.e. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). Please find below the links to apply for the same: 
    Click here to download the form through NSE
  • HDFC Bank account number, PAN, Demat account particulars, etc. need to be filled in the ASBA application form of the IPO and submitted to the branch.
  • Subsequently, the bank will block the amount in the specified HDFC Bank account for the applied IPO and send the application information to the designated stock exchange for that IPO.
  • The customer shall be responsible for maintaining sufficient funds equivalent to the IPO application amount in his/her account and for furnishing correct & accurate details in the ASBA application form of the IPO.
  • In case of insufficient amount in the bank account or any discrepancy in the application form, the bank shall reject the IPO application and shall not be able to send the bid to the stock exchange.
  • In case of any enquiry, the application/reference number, mentioned on the acknowledgement slip handed over at the time of the application, needs to be provided.

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