What is InvestTrack ?

InvestTrack is a unique and Optimal Online service portal, "One of its Kind" empowering customers to take independent investment decisions. InvestTrack takes care of all little details and offers you a superior investment experience.

How do you login to InvestTrack ?

Please refer the following path :

Net Banking >> Mutual Fund Tab >> Enquire >> Invest Track

Please click on the InvestTrack option & further click on “continue” option to view your Mutual Fund Holdings under the InvestTrack portal in the portfolio summary.

How do you execute a transaction under InvestTrack?

To execute a transaction (in a new folio) Click on Order Mgmt >> MF >> Order Capture.

Click on Portfolio summary>>(Online Investment-- > Under Portfolio(name) ISA account number is visible.

Click on the ISA account number to view holding -- >Against the holdings 3 options will be visible (Subscribe/ Redeem / Transfer)

What are the features of Invest Track ?

Single screen for Order execution which will enable to place order for Subscription, Redemption, Switch , NFO & SIPs.

Additional Purchases/Redemption/Switch/SIP can be done in the existing investments through portfolios.

ISA Order screen will have real time CASA balance displayed.

Online portfolio will have further drill down information with respective active ISA's available in Customer portfolio.

Multiple Folio details are now visible which are generated by the AMCs.

Order cancellation screen available for customers if executed before cut off.

ISA customer will be able to view CASA /TD/RD as additional product apart from his Online Mutual Fund Investment.

What does the Relationship Manager/Branch Manager get after the customer is registered under InvestTrack?

  • RM would be able to access all the registered clients mapped to him through the FCPB system.

  • Branch RM would have view rights and access to download all reports that customer do have.

  • Investment Overview: Branch RM/BM would be in better position to analyze customers’ investments.

  • Investment solution: Basis customers current investment RM/BM would able to help the customer to meet his financial requirement and objective.

  • Recommended list of Equity and Debt Funds.

  • Lesser customer queries on requirement of various reports/ analysis.

  • Increased business and Longer term sticky relationships

Which category of customers are on boarded on InvestTrack ?

Currently this facility is opened to select set of customers (PBG /Imperia / preferred /Classic) of the Bank. In a phased manner we shall on board all ISA registered (managed/Non managed) customers.

What do you mean by Recommended and Actual Asset Allocation?

Based on the client profiler, client risk profile is been derived based on which Debt, Equity, Liquid and other asset class percentage is derived which is client’s recommended asset allocation and what client actually holds is the basis of actual asset allocation. This both helps in providing deviation to the portfolio and can be seen on customer’s dashboard

What is Bank and Non-Bank Investment on dashboard ?

Bank Investment consists of all investments held/done with the Bank and Non-Bank Investments are the one which are outside HDFC Bank which are been manually added by the clients

What does Ext Invt Tracker consists of ?

Ext Invt Tracker consists of Non-Bank Portfolio i.e., Outside HDFC Bank portfolio in Equity and MF which can be added through this drop down. Also it has an option ‘Customer Transaction Search’ which will help delete these Non-Bank Investments in case an error entry is been done.

Are the recommendation mentioned in dashboard individual specific according risk profile ?

No these recommendations are not individual specific according to risk profile and are common recommendations which has to be given to the client according to his risk appetite.

Will the Offline Investments in MF and Insurance gets captured automatically ?

Operation team will try and capture this automatically basis RTA data and Pan number but if certain cases are missed, RM is expected to send details of these folios and policy in specific format to Operations Teams. Email id for communication and format for the same will be shared in a separate mail.

What are the different types of alerts in the system ?

There are two alerts portfolio alerts and system alerts. Portfolio alerts will help customer set individual alerts on their portfolio/instrument level at absolute or percentage terms. System alerts would be set by Ops/system on any FD/FMP/Closed end funds maturity which is due in few days

Where can the RM/clients view Research Recommendations ?

Client will able to see MF recommendations and research commentary on customer dashboard itself. Also RM/Clients can download HDFC Bank Aag App which is a research portal where they will able to see one pager reports and Monthly Aag flip book Magazine

 Can the reports be used by clients for Taxation purpose ?

These reports are been prepared just to provide consolidated view of holdings and should not be used as a reference point for Taxation purpose.

Will there be any communication sent to the customers on upgrading to InvestTrack ?

Customer will receive an e-mailer providing the features, paths, benefits as well as a link providing the complete demo of the InvestTrack module.

What are the different modes through which a demo link shall be shared with the customers ?

  • InvestTrack upgradation E-mailers with Demo Link

  • In the NetBanking Portal under Mutual funds tab.

  • Demo link to be shared through SMS

  • In our Website

  • Through Branch/RMs

Customer not able to view InvestTrack page

Pls check for Pop up blocker whether the same has been disabled

I am not able to view my clients under InvestTrack although they are under my portfolio

Pls mark a mail with the portfolio code to Tyson Coelho and Mandar Masureka