Benefits of opening Non Individual demat account are as below:-

  • ZERO RISK of loss or damage of physical papers
  • Dematerialization / Rematerialization of Securities + Conversion / Redemption of Mutual Fund
  • DP on Net -View Your Holding and Transaction details on Net-Banking
  • Faster Instruction Processing (Transfer of securities) – Digital / Manual mode
  • Ease in Pledging of Securities
  • Corporate Benefits – Auto Dividends, auto credit of stock split etc
  • Ease in Account Maintenance through Host of Services like
  • Effects transfer of Securities immediately.
  • Easy Holding.
  • Reduces handling huge volume of papers.
  • Reduces Risks while dealing with physical share certificates.
  • Safety of securities
  • Reduces cost.
  • Reduces time.

Types of Corporate

Fees & Charges