Tata AIA Fortune Guarantee Supreme- 110N163V05

Individual, Non-Linked, Non-participating, Life Insurance Savings Plan

Every individual has their own aspirations in life. Buying that dream home, providing your children the education they deserve or taking your family for a dream vacation. To achieve these aspirations during your lifetime, you need a plan that will deliver without fail.

Presenting, Tata AIA Fortune Guarantee Supreme, a life insurance savings plan that allows you to convert these aspirations into reality by providing guaranteed returns and life cover throughout policy tenure.

Based on the nature and time horizon of your aspirations, you have the freedom to take your benefits either as regular income or as a lump sum.

Salient Features:

  • Flexibility to choose guaranteed benefits in the form of lump sum and/or income to meet your financial goals
  • Grow your income by choosing sub wallet feature & withdraw as and when required
  • Women Special discount - 2% on First Year’s Premium specially for women customers
  • “Premium Offset” feature to offset your premium against survival benefit payouts
  • Enjoy tax benefits on premiums and benefits, as per applicable Tax Laws