Coverage and Limits




Base Sum Insured

5L / 10L

5L / 10L / 15L / 20L / 25L


In-patient Care

Covered up to Sum Insured

Room Category

Shared Room

Single Private Room

Pre-Hospitalization (60 days)

Covered up to Sum Insured

Post-Hospitalization (180 days)

Covered up to Sum Insured

Day Care Treatment

Covered up to Sum Insured

Modern treatments

Covered up to Sum Insured with sub-limit of INR 1 Lakh per claim on few robotic surgeries


Road ambulance: up to INR 2,000 per hospitalization

Air ambulance: up to INR 2,50,000 per hospitalization

AYUSH Treatments

Covered up to Sum Insured

Treatment at home (Domiciliary Hospitalization)

Covered up to Sum Insured

Organ Donor

Covered up to Sum Insured

No Claim Bonus

Not applicable

In case of claim free year, increase of 10% of expiring Base Sum Insured in a Policy Year; maximum up to 100% of Base Sum Insured (In case of claim, no reduction in No Claim Bonus)


Not applicable

Unlimited reinstatement up to base Sum Insured (Applicable for both same & different illness)

Health Check-up

Not applicable

Annual (From Day 1); For defined list of tests; up to INR 500 for every INR 1 Lakh Base Sum Insured
(Individual policy: maximum INR 5,000 per Insured; Family Floater policy: maximum INR 10,000 per policy)



Optional Benefits

Annual Aggregate Deductible

1L / 2L / 3L / 4L / 5L

Modification in co-payment

40% / 30% / 20%
0% (Addon)


a. Claim Safeguard: Non-payable items paid up to Sum Insured (List I)
b. Booster Benefit Safeguard: No impact on Booster benefit if claim in a policy year is less than Rs. 50,000
c. Sum Insured Safeguard: CPI linked increase in Base Sum Insured

For detailed coverage information, please refer to the policy terms and conditions document.


Discounts Offered