Coverage and Limits


Age at entry

For adults 18 to 65 years and for dependent children 2 years to 21 years (Maximum 2 children covered)

Policy Tenure

1 year, 2 years or 3 years

Sum Insured (SI) - In Rs

5 to 25 Lacs (In multiples of 5 lacs)

30/35/40/45/50/60/75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/ 300/350/400/450/500 lacs

Accident Death

For Individual Option: 100% of Sum Insured
For Family Option: -
Coverage for Self - 100% of Sum Insured;
Coverage for Spouse - 50% of Sum Insured or Rs 10 lacs (whichever is lower);
Coverage for Children - 20% of Sum Insured or Rs 5 lacs (whichever is lower)

Accident Permanent Total Disability

125% of Sum Insured

Accident Permanent Partial Disability

As per the grid mentioned herewith

Child Education Benefit

Minimum of 5% of Sum Insured or Rs 50,000 per child

Minimum of 5% of Sum Insured or Rs 500,000 per child

Funeral Expenses

Rs 5,000

Rs 50,000

Sum Insured Multiple

Sum Insured not to exceed 12/15 times of annual income for salaried/self-employed respectively

Optional Benefits

Accident Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

TTD Sum Insured – 1lac to 20 lacs (in multiple of 50,000)
TTD benefit - 1% of TTD Sum Insured payable per week. Such weekly payout shall be made for a maximum of 100 weeks

TTD Sum Insured Multiple

TTD Sum Insured not to exceed Lower of (2 times of Annual Income or AccidentCare Sum Insured)

Accident Hospitalization limit
(confined to Indian territory only)

Up to 2% of AccidentCare Sum Insured
Covered up to the Accident Hospitalization limit. Claim settlement on reimbursement basis only and coverage limited to India only.
Emergency Ambulance as a part of overall Sum Insured - Limited to Rs 2,000/claim
Physiotherapy as a part of overall Sum Insured - Limited to 10% of Accidental Hospitalization limit