Collateral-free loans

Get up to Rs 50 lakh (upper limit of Rs 75 lakh in select locations) via HDFC Bank's self-employed Business Growth Loan without having to provide any collateral, security or guarantor. Use the money for your diverse business needs.

Quick approval and disbursal

You can easily check your eligibility for a Business Loan for self-employed either online or at any of our branches. You can also reach us via SMS, PhoneBanking, Webchat or Click2Talk for any loan-related queries or help.

Little or no documentation, hassle-free application

No more elaborate paperwork or standing in long, winding queues at bank branches to get a loan. You only need a few other documents in addition to identity, income and address proofs. Also, nowadays applying for a loan has become much easier with banks providing doorstep services and the online option gaining ground.

Competitive interest rates

As more and more now banks offer Business Loans for self-employed, the interest rates are fairly reasonable in order to attract customers. At HDFC Bank, you can be assured of the best and most attractive interest rates on offer, which may vary with the credit and repayment history of individual borrowers as well as the tenure and purpose of the loan being taken.

Flexible loan tenure

HDFC Bank self-employed Business Loans are available for periods ranging between 12 months to 48 months.